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Solanae-class variants

Class Information
Solanae class
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Though the Solanae class's lines and key traits follow standard Starfleet design principles - notably resembling the Avenger class refit's profile - the incorporation of materials and technology discovered in the Solanae Dyson Sphere has given the vessel a distinct and unmistakable visual signature. The saucer and hull are constructed from large, overlapping plates, constructed from the same white, lattice-patterned material that makes up the Obelisk-class Carrier (another Sphere-derived ship). Elongated warp nacelles are placed at the ends of pylons level with the secondary hull, and rather than the common blue-and-red glow of Starfleet-standard nacelles, are lit purple, not unlike vessels equipped with the Jem'Hadar Resilient Shields. The saucer itself is distinguished by a split design, with a gap in the bow revealing the Solanae's secondary deflector.
Montgomery class
SKIN UNLOCK: Montgomery Dyson Reconnaissance Science Destroyer, 2,500 Zen small icon.png
Omega class
SKIN UNLOCK: Omega Dyson Strategic Science Destroyer, 2,500 Zen small icon.png
Helios class
SKIN UNLOCK: Helios Dyson Surveillance Science Destroyer, 2,500 Zen small icon.png
The Solanae and its sister classes' most dramatic visual change occurs when the vessel transitions to Tactical Mode in a transition not unlike that of the Chimera and Manticore Heavy Destroyers. When transforming, the nacelles draw forward, compacting the ship's length, and are protected by armored plates. Similar plates extend to close the gap and hide the secondary deflector, while the emitters of the Solanae Dual Heavy Proton Cannons extend from the forward edge of the saucer.