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Canon in Star Trek Online

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This early promotional image shows the setting of Star Trek Online in relation to the Prime Universe and Alternate Universe

Without doubt, many players are drawn to Star Trek Online because they cherish the Star Trek universe, its characters, setting and the multitude of stories told over the span of more than 700 TV episodes and thirteen movies. This article gives an overview over the canon elements of Star Trek which appear in-game (see "What is canon?" for details).

Throughout the game, many references are made to the fictional history of the Star Trek universe. The chronology articles give an overview over historic events related to Star Trek Online (see also 22nd Century, 23rd Century, and 24th Century). Almost all in-game technologies, items and abilities are references to Star Trek lore. The same applies to most races, ship classes and star systems. Their origins can easily be searched on Memory Alpha.

Note that since 2009, two story continuities of Star Trek exist. The "Prime Timeline" concerns all events from the TV-series and the first 10 films while the "Kelvin Timeline", a divergent continuity which is however still canon, concerns the motion pictures released from 2009 onward.

Star Trek Online[edit | edit source]

See also: List of canon characters, List of canon starships & List of canon locations

Star Trek Online is set nearly entirely in the Prime Universe, 30 years after the last on-screen appearance of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E ("Star Trek: Nemesis"). The 2009 Star Trek film did impact the canon of the Prime Timeline, namely the destruction of Romulus, and this is present in Star Trek Online's canon, along with Spock's disappearance being referenced several times.

Star Trek Online's internal canon extends beyond what takes place in the game. It also includes official posts made by Cryptic Studios' developers, game documentation, news updates, Lore Blogs, and original fiction (e.g. those on the game's website and the novel Star Trek Online: Needs Of The Many).

As part of the Star Trek franchise, the game itself has to be considered soft-canon, as any new TV series or movie could easily contradict its stories and settings.

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Star Trek: The Original Series[edit | edit source]

Ensign Chekov, voiced by Walter Koenig

Star Trek, now called Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS), aired 79 episodes from 1966 to 1969. It later spawned an animated series and six movies.

Many references to original series episodes have been made throughout Star Trek Online. The first missions set in the 23rd century were “Everything Old is New” and “Night of the Comet” featuring McCoy and Scotty. Both of these actors have since passed away, but voice-over for Scotty was added by the actors son, Christopher Doohan, with Agents of Yesterday.

Agents of Yesterday notably introduced a playable 23rd century faction along with a significant quantity of TOS content.

Main Cast
Character Voice Actor In Star Trek Online
Pavel Chekov Walter Koenig “Earthward Bound”
“Return to Babel”
“Temporal Reckoning”
“Battle of Procyon V”
James T. Kirk None “Return to Babel”,
the player gives him medical aid while he is lying face down.
Leonard McCoy Voice sample “Everything Old is New” and one other
Montgomery Scott Christopher Doohan,
son of the original Scotty actor James Doohan
“Earthward Bound”
“Painful Omens”
“Return to Babel”
“Night of the Comet”
“Days of Doom”
Spock Leonard Nimoy “The Taurean Affair”
“Earthward Bound”
“Past Imperfect”
“Empress Sela”
The opening cinematic.
Some sector space logs
Federation level up notifications.
Hikaru Sulu Voice sample “Earthward Bound”
Nyota Uhura Voice sample “The Taurean Affair”
“Earthward Bound”
“Return to Babel”
Other Characters and References
Character/Reference Episode In Star Trek Online
Leonard James Akaar Friday's Child “Saturday's Child” (removed)
Deep Space K-7 The Trouble with Tribbles K-7 is the main hub during the Klingon War
U.S.S. Defiant The Tholian Web
Features in later series
“Tangled Webs”
Denevan Neural Parasite Operation -- Annihilate! “Painful Omens”
Edren IV Arena (episode) “In the Shadow of Cestus”
Gav Journey to Babel “Return to Babel”
Guardian of Forever City on the Edge of Forever “City on the Edge of Never”
“Past Imperfect”
Hadley 63 Episodes “Return to Babel”
Horta The Devil in the Dark “Mine Enemy”
Also a non-combat pet.
U.S.S. Enterprise
Including ship interior
69 episodes “The Taurean Affair”
“Return to Babel”
“The Core of the Matter”
Ship and interior can be purchased.
Kor Errand of Mercy
Features in later series
“The Taurean Affair”
“The Battle of Caleb IV”
Leslie 57 episodes “Return to Babel”
Mears The Galileo Seven “I Sing of Arms”
“Search and Rescue”
“Bull by the Horns”
“Dislodging Klingons”
“Earthward Bound”
mirror universe Mirror, Mirror “Jabberwocky”
Palmer The Doomsday Machine
The Way to Eden
“Return to Babel”
Planet Killer The Doomsday Machine “The Core of the Matter”
“The Doomsday Device”
“Days of Doom”
Janice Rand 8 episodes
Features in later series & films
“Earthward Bound”
Sarek Journey to Babel
Features in later series & films
“Return to Babel”
Taurus II The Galileo Seven “I Sing of Arms”
“Search and Rescue”
“Bull by the Horns”
“The Taurean Affair”
U.S.S. Yorktown Obsession “The Battle of Caleb IV”

Star Trek: The Animated Series[edit | edit source]

The Animated Series (TAS) was aired for two seasons in 1973 and 1974 and featured the Enterprise crew in much the same style as the Original Series. Although canon to the game and produced by CBS, the Animated Series is not part of CBS' licence to Cryptic Studios.[1] This is one of the reasons the Kzinti were replaced by the Ferasans. The Caitians however do appear, as they were included in later movies.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture[edit | edit source]

Uniforms from Wrath of Khan to Undiscovered Country

The game includes the uniforms from the film, Deltan characters and models the Unimatrix 0047 Command Ship on Vger (referencing a soft-canon connection between Vger and the Borg). The refit Constitution class and the Saurian species is also available in-game.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan[edit | edit source]

Uniforms from the Wrath of Khan that feature in-game include the standard and open variants of the Starfleet uniform, the Starfleet Excursion Jacket and Khan's Outfit.

pulse ship phasers and hand phasers from the film also feature along with the Miranda class.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock[edit | edit source]

Earth Space Dock, first featured in Search for Spock, is the primary social hub for Federation players in the game while Vulcan is modelled on elements of the planet seen at the end of the film. Search for Spock also marked the first appearance of B'rel Bird-of-Prey which is the first playable ship for Klingon players and the Oberth and Excelsior classes which are available to Federation players.

Protomatter, referenced by David as the major flaw in the Genesis Device, is also a key element of the Lukari and Tzenkethi arc of Star Trek Online.

Finally, Search for Spock is the first time the Klingon make-up seen throughout the 24th century, and Star Trek Online is used (their appearance in Motion Picture is slightly different from standard).

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home[edit | edit source]

There is a plaque at Starfleet Academy which references the whales in San Francisco bay.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier[edit | edit source]

Nimbus III from Final Frontier is the focus of the Wasteland arc; the bar on Nimbus III still has the broken TV screen from where Kirk threw the cat dancer into it.

Scotty's Engineer's Vest and the phasers from the film are also available to players.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country[edit | edit source]

The Khitomer conference hall from Undiscovered Country

Rura Penthe, and an escape therefrom, features for Klingon players and includes Jackal Mastiffs while Khitomer features in “Turning Point” and the Khitomer Accords feature heavily in lore.

In addition;

Star Trek: The Next Generation[edit | edit source]

La Forge, voiced by LeVar Burton

The Next Generation (TNG) was the first Star Trek not to feature any of the original cast. It aired 176 episodes from 1987 to 1994. The era of The Next Generation is shared with Deep Space Nine and Voyager, all of which is just thirty years before Star Trek Online so most of the feel of the game, including the LCARS interface, is derived from The Next Generation.

The uniforms from the series, including the season 1, Admirals, Troi and Skant versions, have all appeared in game along with most species, equipment, phasers, ships and shuttlecraft.

Main Cast
Character Voice Actor In Star Trek Online
Data No voiceover He is seen from behind in “Survivor”
Geordi La Forge LeVar Burton “Hide and Seek”
“Stop the Signal”
“Diplomatic Orders”
“Temporal Ambassador”
“Beyond the Nexus”
“Melting Pot”
“Scylla and Charybdis”
Natasha Yar Denise Crosby “Temporal Ambassador”
Worf Michael Dorn “Friend or Foe”
“Bringing Down the House”
“The House Always Wins”
“Tournament on Forcas”
“Sphere of Influence”
“Surface Tension”
Other Characters and References
Character/Reference Episode In Star Trek Online
Ajur & Boratus
Captain's Holiday “Vorgon Conclusions”
Richard Castillo Yesterday's Enterprise “Temporal Ambassador”
D'Tan Unification II (episode) Romulan faction leader
U.S.S. Enterprise-C Yesterday's Enterprise “Temporal Ambassador”
Galaxy class Encounter at Farpoint “Beyond the Nexus”
Playable starship and interior
Galorndon Core System The Enemy “The Search for New Romulus”
“Galorndon Core System Patrol”
“The Core of the Matter”
Hugh I, Borg “Jarleth System Patrol”
Iconia System /
Contagion “Taris”
“Uneasy Allies”
Jenolan Dyson Sphere Relics “A Step Between Stars”
Jouret System The Best of Both Worlds “Sphere of Influence”
Kahless Rightful Heir “Destiny”
“The Gates of Gre'thor”
“House Pegh”
Kurn (Rodek)
Voiced by Tony Todd
Sins of the Father
“Of Signs and Portents”
“Gravity Kills”
“Tzenkethi Front”
“Scylla and Charybdis”
Madred Chain of Command, Part II “The Long Night”
And broader lore around the True Way
Narendra System Yesterday's Enterprise “Narendra System Patrol”
U.S.S. Pasteur All Good Things Playable ship
Qo'noS & the Great Hall Rightful Heir Main social hub for Klingons
Risa Captain's Holiday Location for annual summer event
Alexander Rozhenko The Emissary (episode)
“Friend or Foe”
“Bringing Down the House”
“The House Always Wins”
Voiced by Denise Crosby
Unification 12 Missions
Starbase 234 Redemption II “Blood of Ancients”
Starfleet Academy The First Duty (episode) A main hub for Federation captains
Taris Contagion “Revelation”
“Uneasy Allies”
Thomas Riker
(reference to)
Second Chances
Defiant (DS9)
“Badlands” (removed)
Tox Uthat Captain's Holiday “Vorgon Conclusions”

Star Trek: Generations[edit | edit source]

The Excelsior class variant featured on the U.S.S. Enterprise-B features along with Trilithium, Kirk's Captain's Vest and the Nexus which is the focus of “Beyond the Nexus”.

Star Trek: First Contact[edit | edit source]

The Borg Queen from First Contact

First Contact introduced several new elements of the Borg which feature heavily in Star Trek Online, including the Borg Queen and Borg Spheres. It also introduced several ships in game including the Sovereign class, Akira class, Steamrunner class, Saber class and the Norway class.

The events of the film are celebrated each year with a First Contact Day event, including from 2017 a “First Contact Day Re-Enactment” featuring the building of a Phoenix model in Montana.

The uniforms, phasers and style of the Borg have all been featured in-game.

Star Trek: Insurrection[edit | edit source]

The Son'a, their starships and the Briar Patch featured in Template:Main and the Ba'ku have been included with duty officers.

Star Trek: Nemesis[edit | edit source]

A lot of lore from Nemesis regarding the Remans, starships (Mogai Warbirds the Scimitar and Scorpion Fighters), Thalaron weapons and Romulan politics (including Donatra) feature heavily in Star Trek Online's backstory and its Romulan storylines.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine[edit | edit source]

Deep Space Nine featuring heavily in game

Deep Space Nine (DS9) was the first spinn-off from TNG and aired along side its final seasons with 173 episodes from 1993 to 1999. Some cast members from TNG moved to DS9 and it built on a lot of the universe created by TNG; for example Cardassians and the occupation of Bajor.

DS9 ships, uniforms and aliens (including the Dominion and Breen) are common throughout Star Trek Online.

Main Cast
Character Voice Actor In Star Trek Online
Odo René Auberjonois “Scylla and Charybdis‎”
Worf Michael Dorn “Friend or Foe”
“Bringing Down the House”
“The House Always Wins”
“Tournament on Forcas”
“Sphere of Influence”
“Surface Tension”
Supporting Cast
Character Voice Actor In Star Trek Online
Female Changeling
(15 episodes)
Unknown “Facility 4028”
(16 episodes)
Chase Masterson Hologram present at all Dabo tables
(24 episodes)
J.G. Hertzler “Brushfire”
“Scylla and Charybdis”
(46 episodes)
Aron Eisenberg “Time in a Bottle”
“Broken Circle”
Other Characters and References
Character/Reference Episode In Star Trek Online
The 2800 Favor the Bold (episode) “Second Wave”
Badlands Defiant (episode) “Spoils of War”
Bajor Whole series “Of Bajor”
Bajoran Wormhole Whole series “Operation Gamma”
Deep Space 9 Whole series Cross-faction social hub
Cardassian Struggle arc
U.S.S. Defiant The Search, Part I Playable ship and interior
Kahn (Trill symbiont) Rejoined “Heading Out”
U.S.S. Lakota Paradise Lost “Under the Cover of Night”
Leeta (mirror)
Voiced by Chase Masterson
The Emperor's New Cloak “Spoils of War”
“Temporal Reckoning”
Laas Chimera “The New Link”
Lamat'Ukan One Little Ship “The New Link”
Leskit Soldiers of the Empire Based on Ganalda Space Station
Morn 93 episodes Based in Quark's bar
Kirayoshi O'Brien 5 episodes “A Step Between Stars”
Voiced by Tony Todd
Sons of Mogh “Of Signs and Portents”
“Gravity Kills”
“Tzenkethi Front”
Sirella You Are Cordially Invited “Bringing Down the House”
Prophets Emissary “Jabberwocky”
“Second Wave”
“Of Bajor”
U.S.S. Malinche For the Uniform “Badlands Battlezone”
Ghee P'Trell Prophet Motive “The Ultimate Klingon”
U.S.S. Saratoga Emissary (episode) “State of Q” (removed)
U.S.S. T'Kumbra Take Me Out to the Holosuite Based at Battle Group Omega (removed)

Star Trek: Voyager[edit | edit source]

Dust to Dust is a sequel to both Ashes to Ashes and Deadlock

Voyager began during DS9's run and aired 168 episodes from 1995 to 2001. Despite the Delta Quadrant being originally inaccessible at launch, much of Voyager still had a large impact on Star Trek Online early on via its portrayal of the Borg, the Hirogen and advanced technologies from the series finale.

With the Delta Rising expansion, the amount of Voyager content increased drastically. Every system and species encountered in the Delta Quadrant sectors is a canon reference from a Voyager episode.

Main Cast
Character Voice Actor In Star Trek Online
The Doctor Robert Picardo “Mindscape”
“All That Glitters”
“What's Left Behind”
Harry Kim Garrett Wang “The Kobali Front”
and 13 other missions
Neelix Ethan Phillips “Reunion”
“All That Glitters”
Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan “Mindscape”
“What's Left Behind”
“Broken Circle”
Tom Paris Robert Duncan McNeill “Blood of Ancients”
“Delta Flight”
“Broken Circle”
B'Elanna Torres Small clip by Lani Minella “Dust to Dust”
Tuvok Tim Russ “Fluid Dynamics”
and 14 other missions
Other Characters and References
Character/Reference Episode In Star Trek Online
U.S.S. Al-Batani Caretaker Based at Earth Space Dock
Lindsay Ballard/Jhet'leya
Voiced by Kim Rhodes
Ashes to Ashes “Dust to Dust”
The Baxial Caretaker “Alliances”
U.S.S. Challenger Timeless “Beyond the Nexus”
The Cooperative Unity 9 missions
Dexa Homestead “Reunion”
Fluidic Space Scorpion “Fluid Dynamics”
“Viscous Cycle”
Gaul Dragon's Teeth “All That Glitters”
Icheb 11 episodes Based on Deep Space K-7
Jal Karden Initiations “Takedown”
Keten Dust to Dust
“Dust to Dust”
Miral Paris
Voiced by Lisa LoCicero
Endgame “The Kuvah'Magh”
“City on the Edge of Never”
“Delta Flight”
Naomi Wildman 19 episodes The Commander of Deep Space K-7
Q Junior Q2 Q's Winter Wonderland
U.S.S. Rhode Island Endgame “Alliances”
“Dust to Dust”
Sessen Maneuvers “Alliances”
Underspace Dragon's Teeth “Wyanti System Patrol”
U.S.S. Voyager Whole series “Mindscape”
Playable ship and interior

Star Trek: Enterprise[edit | edit source]

The NX-01 in Vorgon Conclusions

Enterprise began in 2001, after Voyager concluded, and aired 97 episodes. Much of its lore contributed to the time travel related storyline which lead to the release of Agents Of Yesterday. It also contributed a great many species, such as the Suliban and Xindi, and to a new look of species such as Andorians and Tellarites.

Main Cast
Character Voice Actor In Star Trek Online
Jonathan Archer None “The Temporal Front” (mentioned only)
Other Characters and References
Character/Reference Episode In Star Trek Online
Archer System Strange New World “Archer System Patrol”
Voiced by Matt Winston
8 episodes 12 missions
Enterprise Whole series “Vorgon Conclusions”
U.S.S. Enterprise-J Azati Prime (episode) “Ragnarok”
Kal Dano
& timeship
Future Tense “Vorgon Conclusions”
P'Jem The Andorian Incident “Diplomatic Orders”
Temporal Cold War Cold Front “Sunrise”
“Time and Tide”
Vosk Stormfront “Stormbound”

Kelvin Timeline Films[edit | edit source]

Science Officer 0718 from Into Darkness
Main article: Kelvin Timeline

The Kelvin Timeline refers to the film series produced by Paramount from 2009 onward. It includes three films which exist in a different continuity of Star Trek called the Kelvin Timeline (also referred to as the "Alternate Universe"). Despite being a different timeline, they are linked and both are considered canon. The below three feature films (and any soft-canon stories derived from them) are the only elements to exist in the Kelvin Timeline.

Further details: Category:Kelvin Timeline

Star Trek (2009)[edit | edit source]

The rebooted Star Trek film came out in 2009, during the initial development of Star Trek Online. Writing had to be change to account for changes from the film to Star Trek's Prime Timeline, namely the destruction of Romulus, and the game features an intro voiced by Leonard Nimoy recounting those events. A single, special item based on the film, the Red Matter Capacitor (developed in the Prime Timeline), was also introduced but nothing from within the Kelvin Timeline featured in-game.

As a nod to the recently released film, actor Zachary Quinto (who played Spock in the Kelvin Timeline) appeared in-game as the voice of an EMH during the tutorial.

The Agents of Yesterday expansion was the first opportunity Cryptic had to introduce content from the first two Kelvin Timeline films around the time the third was being released. The game set “Terminal Expanse” in the Kelvin Timeline and released the Kelvin Timeline Lock Box (plus some Lobi items) which introduced an array of elements from the films.

Elements the story and lock box featured included uniforms, weapons, the Kelvin Constitution Class, a Romulan mining drill console and several other themed items.

Star Trek Into Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Kelvin Timeline Lock Box, and associated store items, released in 2016 included elements common to both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. It also introduced elements specific to Into Darkness. These include many Klingon elements such as the Kelvin Timeline D4x Pilot Bird-of-Prey, uniforms, head ridges and weapons including the powerful Boolean Heavy Assault Cannon.

Finally, the mission “Terminal Expanse” featured 0718, voiced by Joseph Gatt, who is also available as a bridge officer via the Temporal Agent Starter Pack and Temporal Special Agent Pack.

Star Trek: Beyond[edit | edit source]

Although canon to the game, Cryptic Studios does not (as of November 2017) have a license for the content from Beyond, although it is possible it will be introduced at a later date.[2]

Star Trek: Discovery[edit | edit source]

The Crossfield Class (USS Discovery) was added in-game via the Discovery Lock Box

Star Trek: Discovery is a TV series released in late 2017. It is produced by CBS and set in the Prime Timeline. As a promotion for Discovery's September 2017 premiere, the Discovery Uniform set was provided as a free C-Store Giveaway.

In January 2018, the Discovery Lock Box was added which provided the USS Discovery's Crossfield Class, the Ship of the Dead (Sarcophagus Dreadnought) along with associated traits and consoles reflecting the series. In addition, the Lobi store added the USS Shenzhou's Walker Class, the standard phaser rifle from the series and the EVA suit from Vulcan Hello.

Developers have said further content might be added if they do story content (e.g. creating bridges for these ships are not worth the time invested unless they are also used for missions). However most of the team only learn about Discovery's stories as their air so introducing Discovery characters is difficult as they may be dead by the time Cryptic's mission is released.

Further details: Category:Discovery Content

Soft-Canon[edit | edit source]

Memory Beta is the soft-canon counterpart to Memory Alpha

For Star Trek, canon is defined as anything that has appeared "on screen" - either in one of the six television series or in one of the twelve Star Trek movies.

Anything besides TV shows and movies is part of the expanded universe, sometimes also referred to as "soft-canon". This includes novels, reference books, video games, and related materials. These stories tend to contradict each other from time to time, and have often been contradicted by television episodes and films.

Star Trek Online has made use of some soft-canon as the basis of generating its own lore. Early examples include Mackenzie Calhoun, and the Vesta-class line of science vessels. However it diverges significantly in order to establish Star Trek Online's own chronology. Much of the Romulan backstory introduced with Season Seven and Legacy of Romulus draws from the Rihannsu line of novels.

Another instance of soft-canon is sector space; when it was was first designed, and especially when it was overhauled to bring about a single Alpha and Beta Quadrant, the developers took canon locations as closely as possible from Star Trek: Star Charts, which is an atlas of all Star Trek locations. Once again however they did diverge slightly where they needed to for the game, and the Star Charts themselves clash with some on-screen canon.

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