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The missions of "Spectres" are also part of the larger Federation episode "Klingon War".

"Spectres" (also Devidian Front or Series 2: The Devidians in Cryptic Studios' earlier promotions) is an episode, i.e., chain of missions, for players of the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic about the Devidian threat to the Neutral Zone.

List of missions of Spectres[edit | edit source]

Story Missions
Level Episode # Name Giver Release Date
30+ Prologue (Romulan Republic-only) “Spectres” Tal'Mera May 21, 2013
11+ title=Federation only; 30+ title=Klingon onlytitle=Romulan only 1 “Skirmish” Franklin Drake / K'men October 16, 2010
12+ title=Federation only; 31+[1] title=Klingon onlytitle=Romulan only 2 “Spin the Wheel” Franklin Drake / K'men October 23, 2010
13+ title=Federation only; 31+ title=Klingon onlytitle=Romulan only 3 “What Lies Beneath” Franklin Drake / K'men October 30, 2010
14+ title=Federation only; 32+[1] title=Klingon onlytitle=Romulan only 4 “Everything Old is New” Franklin Drake / K'men November 6, 2010
15+ title=Federation only; 32+[1] title=Klingon onlytitle=Romulan only 5 “Night of the Comet” Franklin Drake / K'men November 13, 2010
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 As of 27 July 2013, the Romulan & Klingon mission journals show a wrong minimum level for these missions.
Patrol missions
Name Mission giver
“Traelus System - Satellite Repair” Franklin Drake / K'men
“Sh'mar - Distress Signal” Freighter Captain (Sh'mar)
“Defense Contract” Administrator Borka
“Salvage Dispute (Repeatable)” Franklin Drake / K'men

Notes[edit | edit source]

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