Special Projects School

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The Special Projects School is a Research and Development school for crafting Omega Components needed to create an [Omega Particle Tech Upgrade].

Special Projects School Items
Item Components Needed
Component - Omega Sliver 1x Blue Omega Trace icon.pngCommon icon.png 1x Red Omega Trace icon.pngCommon icon.png 1x Yellow Omega Trace icon.pngCommon icon.png
Component - Omega Shard 3x Component - Omega Sliver
Component - Omega Fragment 3x Component - Omega Shard
Omega Particle Tech Upgrade icon.pngEpic icon.png 3x Component - Omega Fragment
Research and Development Schools
Beams Cannons Engineering Ground Weapons Kits and Modules Projectiles Science Shields Officer Training Special Projects Aegis
School - Beams Icon.png
School - Cannons Icon.png
School - Engineering Icon.png
School - Ground Weapons Icon.png
School - Kits and Modules Icon.png
School - Projectiles Icon.png
School - Science Icon.png
School - Shields Icon.png
School - Officer Training Icon.png
School - Special Projects Icon.png
School - Aegis Icon.png