Special Equipment Pack - Privateer Modules

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Special Equipment Pack - Privateer Modules icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Special Equipment Pack - Privateer Modules
Very Rare Inventory
Open to gain a level-appropriate Privateer Ability Module.
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Value: Energy credit icon.png

The Special Equipment Pack - Privateer Modules is obtained as a random reward from the [Privateer Lock Box].

Item description[edit | edit source]

This box contains a Kit Module that a Privateer might find appealing. Deception and Power are the tools of the trade for any decent Privateer, and each of these kit modules represents only the finest technologies found on the black market, to allow your Captain to make use of an entirely new ability in Ground Combat. Unlike most modules, Scoundrel Kit Modules can be used by all Captains, regardless of profession. Opening this package will reward you with one of three new abilities, appropriate to your level.

The ability module you obtain will be one of the following:

Holographic Deceiver

  • Affects Multiple Foes
  • Deploys a Holographic representation of the Ventaxian Deity Ardra, drawing aggression and reflecting damage to all those who attack the Hologram.
  • Hologram expires after 15 seconds.

Stabilized Folded-Space Transporter

  • Affects the User and nearby enemies
  • This Stabilized Subspace Inverter relocates the user to a far more advantageous position: behind the target.
  • The user also gains enhanced critical chance for 6 seconds upon arrival.

Echo Papa 607 Drone System

  • Engages a Drone System that cannot be disengaged
  • Engages a system that creates drones for 60sec, which get stronger with each destroyed drone.
  • Summons one drone at a time for the duration of the System. Upon destruction of a drone, a higher Mk. Drone is summoned in automatically to replace the older model. Each drone is stronger than the last, up until a safety protocol keeps them at Mk. V.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Special Equipment Pack - Privateer Modules box is not bound and can be traded, mailed, sold or purchased from the Exchange.