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Special Equipment Pack - Kelvin Divergence Kit Frames

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Special Equipment Pack - Kelvin Divergence Kit Frames
Very Rare Inventory
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Open to gain a level-appropriate Frontier Kit Frame, available to all professions.

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Special Equipment Pack - Kelvin Divergence Kit Frames icon.png
Very rare icon.png

Special Equipment Pack - Kelvin Divergence Kit Frames is a possible reward available from Kelvin Divergence Lock Box icon.pngCommon icon.png [Kelvin Divergence Lock Box], usable by players of all factions Faction FED25.pngFaction KDF.pngFaction Romulan Republic.png.

It is not bound and thus it can be traded, mailed, sold or purchased from the Exchange. (At the Exchange, this pack can be found under "Reward Packs" tab, while content of the pack can be searched under "Personal Equipment -> Kits".)

Game Description[edit | edit source]

This package contains eclectic Kit Frames from another timeline entirely. Meant to anticipate the unexpected, these frames have a 10% chance to automatically engage an ability on the use of any Kit Module. Which ability the Kit Frame employs depends on which kit is in question. Opening this package will reward you with a Kit Frame equipped with one of three abilities. The frame will be appropriate to your level and available for all professions.

The ability used by the frame will be one of the following:

Rally Cry II

 * Team Heal and Crit Buff

 * Rally Cry II inspires your away team to fight on, granting them health and damage bonuses for the duration.

Turret Fabrication II

 * Create Energy Turret

 * Turret Fabrication creates a fixed position weapon platform at your location that fires beam weapons at nearby enemies. Turret II is equipped with a rapid compression burst attack, and comes with shields.

Exothermic Induction Field II

 * AoE Blast and Location Fire Damage

 * Exothermic Induction Field creates a violent thermodynamic reaction at the target, causing an immediate blast of fire damage around the target. The reaction ignites a very large area of the air, dealing fire damage to all nearby entities. All Damage from Exothermic Induction Field partially ignores shields.

Content[edit | edit source]

Any captain opening this package will be granted a random kit appropriate to their profession, and of a Mark that is appropriate for their level.

Icon Name Mark Guaranteed Mods 3 x Random Mods
Starfleet Frontier Tactical Kit icon.png
Epic icon.png
Starfleet Frontier Tactical Kit II–XII [Kp/Wpn] [Proc] [Armor] [HP] [KPerf]
[PSG] [PSGRes]
[Regen] [Will] [WpnDmg]
Starfleet Frontier Engineering Kit icon.png
Epic icon.png
Starfleet Frontier Engineering Kit II–XII
Starfleet Frontier Science Kit icon.png
Epic icon.png
Starfleet Frontier Science Kit II–XII
Modifier Effect
[Kp/Wpn] +X Kit Performance
+X Weapon Proficiency
[Proc] Frontier Ingenuity: 10% chance to trigger an ability (specific to user's profession) on use of any Kit Module:
[Armor] +X Armor Expert
[HP] +X Endurance Training
[KPerf] +X Kit Performance
[PSG] +X Personal Shields Expert
[PSGRes] +X Personal Shield Harness
[Regen] +X Health Regen
[Will] +X Willpower
[WpnDmg] +X Weapon Proficiency
Impossible standard modifiers

These kit frames will never come with any of the following modifiers otherwise found on standard kit frames: