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Special Envoy

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Special Envoy is an in-game player title. It was awarded to players who created their accounts on the official Star Trek Online website before the 22nd May 2009 deadline. From Cryptic:

"Working on a game is extremely difficult and totally exhausting. When that game is a triple-A effort as big as Star Trek Online ... Oh, it gets real tough. But, sometimes the toil just doesn’t matter - sometimes it all comes together and sometimes we get to lift our tired eyes, hit up the forums, smile a little and realize it’s completely worth it. Completely.

With that in mind, it’s our pleasure to introduce the Special Envoy Program as a small thank you to those who’ve signed up to become part of this amazing Star Trek Online experience.

The Special Envoy Program awards everyone who’s signed up for our forums (or will sign up before May 22) an exclusive title in-game, once it launches. The title will be exclusive to those of you who’ve become a part of the community this early, and you can opt to display it as you explore the universe in Star Trek Online. It’s just one of the ways we plan on thanking you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

How to qualify for the title:

  • Sign up before May 22, 2009.
  • Log into the forums after you’ve signed up.
  • That’s it!"

It is available in the 'Special Unlocks' section of the C-Store and must be claimed per character to display it.

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