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The Federation Sovereign-class starship appears on:

Sovereign-class variants

Class Information
Ship Variant - FED - Sovereign Assault Cruiser (T5).jpg
Sovereign class
Sovereign patch.png
The Sovereign class has an elongated saucer section connected to the main hull with a streamlined and interconnected neck area. The main hull has two up-swept pylons attached to it which lead to the ship's nacelles. The The Enterprise-E is perhaps the most famous ship of the class.
Ship Variant - FED - Majestic Assault Cruiser (T5).jpg
Majestic class
The Majestic is the longest of all the Assault Cruiser classes, although only due to its nacelles having a spiked edge at the aft section. The design is otherwise quite typical of a Starfleet Cruiser. In terms of complexity of design, it is not as smooth as the Sovereign, but not as rugged as the Noble. It also shares several design features with the Typhoon class, such as the design of the saucer section and nacelle pylons.
Ship Variant - FED - Noble Assault Cruiser (T5).jpg
Noble class
This model is similar in design to the Sovereign. It has a bigger and more circular saucer section of the hull. The main hull is smaller than both the Majestic and Sovereign. It also has two up-swept pylons connecting the nacelles at roughly a 45 degree angle. Both the saucer and main hull are quite rugged in design compared to the other two types.
Ship Variant - FED - Regent Assault Cruiser Refit (T5).jpg
Regent class
Regent Patch.png
SKIN UNLOCK: T5 Regent Assault Cruiser Refit, 2500 Zen small icon.png
Like many 25th century Starfleet refit vessels, the Regent class by default uses a brighter, stark white hull paint base, with black highlights in the default "Andromeda" pattern. Its design is much more elongated than the other Assault Cruiser classes, and features a flatter saucer tapering into an engineering section derived from the Odyssey class split-hull. The Regent also features bright dome-shaped structures on the underside of the saucer and on the dorsal hull, and the nacelle pylons are swept forward.

If Regent nacelles and pylons are paired with a shorter hull option (such as the Sovereign), the nacelles models will clip into the saucer.

Ship Variant - FED - Fleet Imperial Assault Cruiser (T5).jpg
Imperial class
SKIN UNLOCK: T5 Fleet Imperial Assault Cruiser Refit, 20,000 Fleet Credits, 4 Fleet Ship Module icon.png
OR T6 Fleet Imperial Intel Assault Cruiser, 20,000 Fleet Credits, 5 Fleet Ship Module icon.png

The Imperial class is most notable for the prominent build up along the upper surface of the neck and rear of the saucer section. Its saucer is notably thinner than any other Assault Cruiser. The pylons are also very rigid and nacelles are placed very forward on the design.

This class was previously available as an extra ship skin in the Zen Store, but as of Season 7 is exclusive to the Fleet Assault Cruisers. Players who purchased the skin prior to the Season 7 update may still use the Imperial skin on any Assault Cruisers they own.

Ship Variant - FED - Archon Intel Assault Cruiser (T6).jpg
Archon class
SKIN UNLOCK: Archon Intel Assault Cruiser, 3,000 Zen small icon.png
The Tier 6 Archon-class Intel Assault Cruiser is based on the successful design of the Sovereign class, however it has been heavily retrofitted with state-of-the-art technology.
Ship Variant - FED - Vizier Command Assault Cruiser (T6).jpg
Vizier class
SKIN UNLOCK: Vizier Command Assault Cruiser, Promotional purchase
OR T6 Fleet Vizier Command Assault Cruiser, 20,000 Fleet Credits, 5 Fleet Ship Module icon.png

The Tier 6 Vizier-class Command Assault Cruiser features a material that mimics the WizKids miniature the ship is included with. (Type 7b)
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