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NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Beta Quadrant
Planet of Origin:
Ba'ku (planet)
Dominion ally
Alliance Relations:

The Son'a are an interstellar power, originating from the Ba'ku planet. They are nomadic, though they maintain outposts throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. By 2410, Son'a remain in command of at least one facility in the Briar Patch and have close diplomatic ties with the Dominion.

History[edit | edit source]

The Son'a were originally Ba'ku, living on the idyllic Ba'ku home planet in the Briar Patch. In the late 23rd century a group of Ba'ku, who desired to follow the way of the offlanders, attempted to take over the planet, but failed and were exiled.

In 2375, a group of Son'a conspired to retake the Ba'ku homeworld, but their plans were thwarted by the crew of the Enterprise-E.

During the Dominion War, Son'a sided with the Dominion and manufactured large quantities of the narcotic ketracel-white in the outlying areas near Cardassia and the Bajoran wormhole. After the war had ended, Son'a remained in contact with the Dominion.

Since the days of the infamous Briar Patch Incident, the Son'a have earned the reputation as being outcasts of the Alpha Quadrant. Despite this reputation, Son'a remained at the forefront of medical technology, as well as being in possession of incredibly powerful sensor and energy absorption knowledge. Using these advancements on their vessels made them formidable foes, capable of outmaneuvering and debilitating most of their enemies.

By 2410, Son'a remain in control of at least one facility in the Briar Patch.

People[edit | edit source]

Son'a experimented on metaphasic radiation even after the Ba'ku incident.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

See List of Son'a NPCs

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Brushfire”: Son'a are in charge of the facility in the Briar Patch where Torg imprisoned Martok following his defeat at the hands of J'mpok. After Torg had been exiled by the High Council, he moved his forces to the Briar Patch, and started establishing diplomatic ties with the Tzenkethi Coalition. In exchange for Martok, whom they considered a war criminal, Tzenkethi offered Torg a special torpedo launcher, as well as assistance in taking control of the Empire. However, their deal was thwarted by Rodek and an Alliance captain, who rescued Martok and stopped Torg. Son'a forces attempted to hold them off, but were destroyed with the assistance from Lady Sirella and General Worf. Moments before her death, a Son'a Captain Jol'hi threatened to contact the Dominion, revealing that the two powers remain in contact.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Cold Dishes" (mentioned): Torg briefly mentions Son'a in his discussion with Korok, calling them face-tightening taHqeq. It is revealed that Torg used them as intermediaries in his contact with Tzenkethi Coalition.
  • "A First's Tale" (mentioned): A conversation between Kavat'kara and Krella reveals that Torg allows Son'a to experiment on his prisoners, concluding that the facility is much more than a prison.
  • "The Best Laid Plans": In a breach of protocol, Son'a Chief Architect Se’lim brings his Tarlac slave to a meeting with Admiral Karr. Se'lim has been designing a new dreadnought for the Son'a, and Karr is concerned that the Alliance is seeking details regarding its design. Se'lim's Tarlac suggests deliberately leaking a fake design, with a hidden flaw, to the Alliance. Later, Se'lim completes his work on the two dreadnought designs: the correct one, and the flawed version. He orders his Tarlac to bring Admiral Karr the flawed one for construction.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Son'a equip their vessels with photon torpedo launchers and isolytic subspace weaponry, in defiance of the Second Khitomer Accord. Isolytic Plasma Weaponry has a chance of dealing additional plasma damage to the target and creating rifts which pull foes towards the target hit.

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