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Skill: Kit Performance

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Kit Performance

This skill provides an increase to the effectiveness of all Kit Module abilities. The benefit this skill provides will vary on each module. but will always increase at least one aspect of the ability. These increases may include any of the following:

  • Damage Output
  • Duration of Control Effects
  • Duration of Buffs and/or Debuffs
  • Health and/or Shields of Constructs
  • Magnitude of Repel/Knock Effects

Overview[edit | edit source]

Ground Skill 1 R1.pngGround Skill 1 R2 icon.png

Kit Performance is a Ground skill that is available to Players. It provides an increase to the effectiveness of all Kit Module abilities. This skill can be increased in several ways:

  • Skill system - Investment of ground points into: Kit Performance Expertise and Kit Performance Master.
  • Kits with [KPerf] modifier or [KP/Wpn] when upgraded to Epic.
  • While Temporal Operative specialization is active, it provides a scaling bonus of +5 to +50 Kit Performance skill, based on the number of Specialization points spent. (+1.5 skill for each point spent, up to 30 points can be invested).
  • Personal ground Trait: Creative, which is available to most species, but some are excluded.
  • Personal ground Trait: Technophile, which gives +100 Kit Performance boost for 8 seconds on use of a Kit Module ability. It has a 24 second lockout period before it can be triggered again.
  • Using a consumable Large Kit Overbooster for a +25 Kit Perfromance boost (10 sec).
  • Activating a Daring Tribble for +5 (lasts 60 minutes).

Notes[edit | edit source]

Kit Performance replaced the following profession-specific skills, which were part of the old skill system:

  • Engineering: Demolitions, Repairs, Generators, Turrets & Drones and Modification Specialist
  • Science: Medic, Physiology, Scientist, Probability Logistics and Particle Physics
  • Tactical: Grenades, Special Forces, Squad Command and Advanced Tactics