Skill: Full Impulse Energy Shunt

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Electro-Plasma System Flow
Lieutenant Commander

This skill provides direct bonuses to the transfer of power that occurs while using Full Impulse, allowing your Weapon, Shield and Auxiliary Subsystems to maintain higher power levels.

By default, activating Full Impulse will set your Engine Subsystem target to 100 while all other Subsystems drop to a target of 5. By investing in Full Impulse Energy Shunt, these targets are increased to 125 for your Engine Subsystem and 25 in all other Subsystems.

Enable "Full Impulse Energy Shunt" during Full Impulse

  • Note: If the current power in any subsystem is below 25 when activating Full Impulse, it will not be increased by Full Impulse Energy Shunt

Overview[edit | edit source]

Engineering Skill 4.png

Full Impulse Energy Shunt is a Lt. Commander Engineering Specialty skill that is available to all Lieutenant Commanders. This skill is used for recovering from power loss caused by full impulse.

Abilities Affected[edit | edit source]

Starship (Power and Subsystems)

Point Progression[edit | edit source]

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