Shrine of Kahless

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The Shrine of Kahless is part of a Klingon monastery on planet Boreth dedicated to Kahless The Unforgettable and de-facto birthplace of his clone, Emperor Kahless

History[edit | edit source]

The Story of The Promise[edit | edit source]

When Kahless The Unforgettable departed from Qo'nos, the people begged him to remain. In response, he pointed to a light in the sky and told them that he would one day return and to wait for him there. His followers travelled to the light and discovered that it was the sun of the Boreth System, establishing the monastery and the Shrine of Kahless on a planet that orbited it.

The Return[edit | edit source]

In 2369, Worf, then a Lieutenant in Starfleet went on a pilgrimage to Boreth and the Shrine where he was the first to encounter an appearantly-returned Kahless. It was discovered shortly thereafter, however, that the monks of Boreth had used the blood of Kahless on a weapon belonging to Kahless The Unforgettable to create a clone in an attempt to counter the infighting and dishonor that was growing in the Klingon Empire. While the deception is discovered, the clone is allowed to fulfill his purpose by becoming a figurehead Emperor and moral guide while political power would continue to rest with the Chancellor and the Klingon High Council.

The Fek'Ihri[edit | edit source]

In 2409, during the Fek'Ihri incursion into Klingon space, the Shrine of Kahless was one of their targets and the site of the final battle of the incursion.

Missions Involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Afterlife”: The Player fights their way through Fek'Ihri space and ground forces to reach Emperor Kahless, who waits for them at the Shrine.
  • ALL “The Gates of Gre'thor”: After defeating Molor and Fek'Ihri, the player returns to the Boreth where Emperor Kahless bids them leave the Sword of Kahless at the Shrine.