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A ship slot is a spot occupied by a ship. Think of it as a docking space. A player only gets a limited number of ship slots and can therefore only have so many ships. A player begins with two ship slots but can get up to 14 (5 initial slots, 6 from promotions + 3 from accolades) through in-game means, or more still by purchasing it from the Zen Store.

Ships may be stored in Dry Dock Slots when not in use.

Ship slots are individual to each character, i.e. if you have 2 empty slots on one character, they cannot be used for ships on another.

Obtaining additional ship slots[edit | edit source]

Obtaining or purchasing more slots will only apply to one character, with the exception of Veteran Rewards which apply to your entire account. Methods to obtain more:

  • An additional ship slot is added for each promotion (per character):
    • Lieutenant Commander
    • Commander
    • Captain
    • Rear Admiral, Lower Half / Brigadier General
    • Rear Admiral, Upper Half / Major General
    • Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General, for a maximum of 6 by ranking up.
  • Veteran Rewards, which unlock once per account but apply for each character:
    • 200 day Veteran Reward adds one ship slot with the accolade Redoubtable
    • 500 day Veteran Reward adds another ship slot with the accolade Relentless
    • 1000 day Veteran Reward adds another ship slot with the accolades Starfleet Veteran and Empire Veteran, for a maximum of 3 from accolades
  • “The Vault” [FED/KDF] adds a ship slot with the accolade Size Doesn't Matter (per character)
  • “Small Packages” [ROM] adds a ship slot with the accolade Size Doesn't Matter (per character)
Promo - Additional Starship Slots
Common Inventory
Account Bind On Pickup
* * Rewarded as part of a Special Promotion.

This part of the Promo Bundle has remained unpacked because your character is already at or near the max number of available Starship Slots that may be purchased. This package may be traded to other characters on your account, and applied to any character that is not at/near this upper limit.

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
  • 2 ship slots are available from the Zen Store for a price of 500 Zen small icon.png (per character, repeatable). A maximum of 48 ships can be purchased in this way. Should a character at or near the limit receive a promotional bundle that would put them over the limit of ship slots, an account-bound [Promo - Additional Starship Slots] will be placed in their inventory instead.

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