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Ship abilities

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See Player abilities for non-kit specific abilities innate to the player character.
See Bridge officer and kit abilities for abilities granted by kit modules, as well as those possessed by Bridge Officers.

Ship abilities are clickable space abilities available while flying specific starships.

Universal[edit | edit source]

Ship type-specific[edit | edit source]

Special[edit | edit source]

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Carrier and Flight-Deck Starship Carrier commands
Specific Starships Cloaking Types: CloakCloak of T'KuvmaRomulan CloakBattle CloakRomulan Battle CloakScimitar Battle CloakEnhanced Battle Cloak
Phaser Spinal LanceJavelinPlasma Spinal LanceChroniton LanceGravitic LanceJuggernaut Array
Improved Hull RegenerationLong Range Sensor MaskingEnergy DistributorAutomated Defense Screens
Tactical ModeSiege ModeLaunch Support CraftTranswarpDeploy Consumption Array

See also: Starship Separation