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Ship Interior

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The interior of the player's ship may be visited, always starting with the ship's bridge, but other parts of the ship can be visited. The player may invite other players onto their ship's bridge, and from the bridge the player - and any other invited players - may proceed to access other interior spaces of the ship via the turbolift.

A view of a ship's Captain's Cabin.

In major space docks (Earth Space Dock and Deep Space Nine for example), from the same NPC that customizes the ship's exterior, the player can customize the interior as well as the size of the interiors themselves (Medium is default), and a change-in-layout is free. The player is free to choose any interior that's available for their ships, so long as it belongs to their factions, including special interiors unlocked from certain ships. It should be noted that the size options do not generally affect the size/layout of the rooms themselves; only how much distance between rooms there is.

Command Deck[edit | edit source]

The Command Deck is typically Deck 1 on a starship. It is from the main location on the Command Deck, the Bridge, that the captains direct their vessels and command their crew.

Ready Room[edit | edit source]

The captain's Ready Room is where the captain of a starship waits until he is needed while on-shift, but not needed on the bridge. It contains a desk for the captain to get work done on, a couch upon which the captain may rest, a few trophies of past deeds or mementos to starships gone by - generally speaking, it is the captain's business office.

The computer on the captain's desk allows the player to access diplomatic and military assignments.

The Captain's Ready Room. Your choice of wall trophies from ships and accolades earned.
A view of the captain's computer, from which assignments may be accessed.

Crew Deck[edit | edit source]

The Crew Deck is an abstraction for any number of decks upon which the crew of a starship might reside. This Crew Deck contains three main areas: the Lounge, Captain's Cabin, and Sickbay.

Lounge[edit | edit source]

A gathering place for the crew in off-hours, the Lounge may at times be used for some official functions, such as weddings performed by the captain, yet is also frequented by more civilian duty officers, such as counselors, chefs, and bartenders. Certain interiors will have unique variations of the Lounge, such as Ten Forward on a Galaxy class interior, or Mess Hall on an Intrepid interior.

Trophies wall - the Lounge has a considerably larger trophy wall available compared than the Captain's Ready Room, with space for four wall trophies and a floor trophy. To add or change a trophy, click the Setup Trophies button which appears near the central ground pedestal.

Counselor - offers three variations of the “Schedule Counseling Session” therapy assignment for the medical and development CXP.

Bartender - offers a ship drink menu (vendor), and a duty officer assignments:

Chef - offers a ship food menu (vendor), and a duty officer assignments:

Entering the ship's lounge.
Couch seating near the bar.
Real cooking, replicated ingredients.
Table seating is available forward, under the stars.
For the captain to show off their accomplishments.
An upper seating area for card games and meeting in exclusivity.

Cooking chain assignments are available by the chef, plus bartending chain assignments by the bartender.

Sick bay[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with Assignment: Sick Bay.

The sick bay of a starship is where medical personnel care for sick or injured members of the crew, and is also where medical assignments can be undertaken. It includes chief medical officer's office, and a surgical/intensive care area with around a dozen biobeds.

Doctor - provides the following duty officer assignments:

Sickbay as seen from the entrance door. Crewmembers come and go.
The Chief Medical Officer's office.
A row of biobeds along the rear wall, with more biobeds available in the rear

Captain's Cabin[edit | edit source]

The Captain's Cabin are the quarters which the captain calls their own.

Dining for four and couches to lounge on.
A desk to work on with a view of the stars.
The Captain's bed to sleep on under the stars.
The rear of the Captain's bedroom, with ensuite repicator.

Engineering[edit | edit source]

The Engineering sections of a starship are vital for a starship's operation; they contain the Main Engineering bay, an Engineering Lab and a Transporter Room.

Main Engineering[edit | edit source]

The throbbing heart of any starship, it is within Main Engineering that the starship's Warp Core (or Singularity Core on Romulan starships) is installed, providing primary power generation for all of a starship's functions.

The Chief Engineering officer gives access to engineering assignments, some of which can reward components, Mk XII consoles or turret prototypes. Colonial and some trade assignments are available by the Operations officer, and this also goes for assignments of the Colonial chain.

The view entering Main Engineering
The warp core dominates Main Engineering.
This display shows the warp core status.
A large ramp leads up around Main Engineering.
Main Engineering from atop the ramp.

Engineering Lab[edit | edit source]

The Engineering Lab — formerly known as the Science Lab — is focused on many pursuits of knowledge in general, science included, and offers many unique assignments. This includes things like tribble breeding, adapting Strange Alien Artifacts for various purposes, and using large quantities of data sample types for purposes other than crafting.

Entering the Science Lab
The view from the lab's rear.
A close-up of an officer's experiment.

Transporter Room[edit | edit source]

A ship's Transporter Room is where crewmembers, including the captain, are converted to energy and re-materialized to another location, be it a starbase or the surface of a planet or another ship. Occasionally, crewmembers will walk onto the transporter pad and beam themselves elsewhere, and sometimes crewmembers will likewise materialize on the pad from parts unknown. The player who owns the ship will also find an NPC in this area that will let them switch to a shuttle.

The view arriving.
The view sending.
The view departing.

Turbolift[edit | edit source]

The ship's turbolift system is a simple, but vital part of a starship, allowing all crew to go exactly where they need to be. One typically steps into the lift and states one's destination (or enters it manually into the control panel,) and the lift takes you there.

Onboard Amenities[edit | edit source]

In addition to the standard Account Bank access and Duty Officer Assignments, some ship bridges will include features typically found on starbases or other hubs, such as the Tuffli Class Freighter, Suliban Cell Ship and Ferengi D'Kora Marauder. Other players invited onto the bridge of said ships can also make use of these services.

Said features include-but-are-not-limited-to:

Layouts[edit | edit source]

For maps of the various Ship Interior Layouts, see here.