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Shard of Possibilities

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Shard of Possibilities
Epic Ground Device
Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

to self: Applies Quantum Shroud

Confuses up to 10 targets in a 15' radius for 5 sec

Call upon two level __ Quantum Shadows from alternate universes.

User becomes untargetable for 1 sec

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Shard of Possibilities icon.png
Epic icon.png

The Shard of Possibilities is a limited time mission reward ground device from “Boldly They Rode”, the fifth and final mission in the featured series The 2800. It was only available from March 10th, 2012 to March 22nd, 2012, during the feature episode rerun from December 6th, 2012 to January 14th, 2013, and during the Featured Episode Replay from June 30th, 2016 to July 14th, 2016.

The Shard of Possibilities is a small piece of the Orb of Possibilities, which may be one of the 9 original Orbs central to Bajoran faith. The orb allows its owner a view into an alternate universe, echoed as a Quantum Shadow. The Shard, however, allows its owner to summon 2 Quantum Shadows to aid them in combat.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Shard of Possibilities[edit | edit source]

Shard of Possibilities icon (Federation).png Shard of Possibilities icon (Klingon).png Shard of Possibilities icon (Romulan).png No icon (TOS Federation).png

The Shard of Possibilities splits the owner into three quantum shadows, confusing your foes. You retain control of one, and the other two fight by your side for a short time.

Targets Friend and Self
30.48 meter Range
5 min recharge
to self: Applies Quantum Shroud
Affects Foe (10 max)
15 meter Sphere
Confuses up to 20 targets in a 15' radius for 5 sec
Call upon two level __ Quantum Shadows from alternate universes.
User becomes untargetable for 1 sec
Skills that affect this ability:
Kit Performance Expert

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The level of the Quantum Shadows is directly equal to five levels below the player's current level. (i.e.: At Vice Admiral (50), the Quantum Shadows level is 45)
  • Using this item in STFs when everyone is incapacitated will reset the area. For example, 4 of the 5 team members are incapacitated on one of the “Infected: Manus” boss rooms, the last person then uses Shard of Possibilities. Because it was used, the player is untargetable and the game treats the player as having left/disappeared during that 1 second so the area would restart and the doorway shield would drop and the enemies reset their positions.
  • The Shard of Possibilities will occasionally misfire when you are hit when activating it.
  • Summoning the Quantum Shadows when in a non combat social area (such as Earth Spacedock) will lead to the two summoned shadows standing behind the player dancing.
  • You can target other players to have the Quantum Shadows follow/dance with them instead of you.
  • The Quantum Shadows will only use Federation (phaser) or Klingon Empire (disruptor) weapons; the Shadows summoned by Romulan Republic players will use the weapons of the faction the player is aligned with.

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