Sensor Disruption Pylon - Battle (Normal)/Info

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Sensor Disruption Pylon - Battle (Normal)
Rare Inventory
Consumed On Use
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

This item is a Competitive Consumable, usable inside PvP and Competitive PvE maps.
Sensor Disruption Pylon - Battle (Normal)
This consumable will place a Sensor Disruption Pylon, which will increase allies Perception Rating and Accuracy Rating while decreasing your foes Perception Rating and Accuracy Rating.[sic] It can only be used during PvP and Competitive PvE matches.
Targets Self
0.25 sec activate
15 min recharge
1/1 charges (max stack: 20)
For Space:
Creates a Sensor Disruption Pylon for 3 min:
to allies:
  • +20 Accuracy Rating
  • +400 Stealth
to foes:
  • -20 Accuracy Rating
  • -400 Stealth
Value: 750 Refined dilithium icon.png