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Security department

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Overview[edit | edit source]

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The Security duty officer department consists of personnel who specialize in an aspect of ground combat.

Specializations[edit | edit source]

Specialization Descriptions for each variant
Armory Officer
  • [GR] Chance to beam in an additional Phaser, Disruptor or Plasma Turret
  • [GR] Chance to beam in an additional Phaser, Disruptor or Plasma Turret; [GR][SP] Increased damage vs. Elachi
  • [GR] Ground Operational Asset cooldown reduction
  • [GR] Doubles chance to expose target
  • [GR] Increases the duration of the damage boost from Stealth Module.
  • [SP] Chance to set a random second subsystem offline when using Subsystem Targeting attacks
  • [SP] Chance to summon a Tethered Quantum Mine when activating Dispersal Pattern
  • [GR] Chance to reduce recharge on Turrets and Drones
Assault Squad Officer
  • [GR] Chance to reduce the time for most grenade skills to recharge after use
  • [GR] Extra Team Heal and Revival on use of Rally Cry.
  • [GR] Chance to apply a Hold when using Lunge
  • [GR] Chance for stacking Crit Chance buff on firing Ranged weapons
  • [GR] Chance for stacking Crit Severity buff on firing Ranged weapons
  • [GR] Chance to deal Electric damage when using Sweeping Strikes
  • [GR] Chance on any melee attack to knock back the target
  • [SP] Chance for Boarding Party shuttles to be armed.
  • [GR] Ambush has a chance to re-apply when consumed by outgoing damage.
Security Officer
  • [GR] Chance to beam down an additional security escort when using Security Team
  • [GR] Chance to beam down an additional security escort when using Security Team + [GR][SP] Increased damage vs. Elachi
  • [GR] Increased melee Crit Chance & Severity
  • [SP] Extra Threat Generation with Attack Pattern Delta
  • [GR] Chance to Gain Defense Boost When Using Ambush
  • [GR] Using Ambush causes your next attack to deal double damage as a DoT
  • [GR] Your Chroniton Mine Barrier has a chance to Hold targets in place

Duty officer specializations
"F" links lead to a list of non-special Starfleet duty officers
"K" links lead to a list of non-special Klingon duty officers
Tactical Conn Officer (Evasive Maneuvers: F/K/R, Tactical Team: F/K) • Energy Weapons Officer (F/K) • Ground Warfare Specialist (F/K) • Projectile Weapons Officer (F/K) • Shield Distribution Officer (F/K) • Space Warfare Specialist (F/K) • Warfare Master
Security Armory Officer (F/K) • Assault Squad Officer (F/K) • Security Officer (F/K)
Engineering Consultant (F/K) • Damage Control Engineer (F/K) • Diagnostic Engineer (F/K) • Fabrication Engineer (F/K) • Maintenance Engineer (F/K) • Matter-Antimatter Specialist (F/K) • Systems Engineer (F/K) • Technician (F/K) • Warp Core Engineer (F/K)
Operations Deflector Officer (F/K) • Explosives Expert (F/K) • Flight Deck Officer (F/K) • Hazard System Officer (F/K) • Quartermaster (F/K) • Sensors Officer (F/K) • Tractor Beam Officer (F/K) • Transporter Officer (F/K)
Science Astrometrics Scientist (F/K) • Biologist (F/K) • Botanist (F/K) • Development Lab Scientist (F/K) • Geologist (F/K) • Gravimetric Scientist (F/K) • Photonic Studies Scientist (F/K) • Research Lab Scientist (F/K) • Warp Theorist (F/K)
Medical Biochemist (F/K) • Counselor (F/K) • Doctor (F/K) • Medic (K) • Nurse (F)
Civilian Advisor (F/K) • Bartender (F/K) • Chef (F/K) • Colonist (F/K) • Diplomat (F/K) • Entertainer (F/K) • MinerPrisoner (F/K)• Refugee (F/K) • Trader (F/K)