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Section 31 Phaser Pistol

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Section 31 Phaser Pistol [CrtX] [Dmg]x2
Very Rare Ground Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup

Bolt Setting

Phaser Damage

__ Phaser Damage to Foe
-50% Threat from This Weapon
+10% Expose Chance for 15 sec
+1 sec Expose Duration for 15 sec
Wide Bolt Setting
Exploit Attack

Cone AoE Phaser Damage

___ Phaser Damage to Foes in 35-degree cone
-50% Threat from This Weapon
+10% Expose Chance for 15 sec
+1 sec Expose Duration for 15 sec
3 sec recharge
Value: 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Section 31 Phaser Pistol icon.png
Very rare icon.png

The Section 31 Phaser Pistol is a type of Pistol weapon.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

This Section 31 covert pistol has been integrated algorithmically for a different operating environment than typical Starfleet actions. It's secondary fire mode damages several targets in front of the user,and can be repeated much more quickly than typical wide beam settings do.

Further, while normal Phaser weapons have a chance to stun targets, this weapon has a chance to stimulate the reproduction of adrenaline in it's user, increasing speed temporarily. Additionally, this weapon's energy emissions are difficult for most optical systems to track, whether biological or mechanical; use of this weapon generates half as much Threat as normal. Lastly, this weapon significantly improves chance to expose enemies, the duration of expose, and can Exploit these openings with it's primary fire.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Section 31 Phaser Pistol can be obtained from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 50 Lobi CrystalsLobi Crystal icon.png.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Ground weapons can be upgraded using the following R&D School Tech Upgrades: Ground Gear Tech Upgrades or assorted Universal Tech Upgrades. This item will receive an additional modifier on successful quality improvement:

Ultra Rare [CrtX] +2% Critical Chance
+10% Critical Severity
Epic [Dm/CrtH] +X Damage
+2% Critical Chance

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