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Scimitar Dreadnought

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Romulan Scimitar Dreadnought
IRW Leahval.png
Critter Rank 4 icon.png
This page is for the NPC ship. For the playable starship, see Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird.

The Scimitar-class Dreadnought is a massive dreadnought developed by the Remans and also used by the various Romulan factions since 2379. They are equipped with a wide range of disruptor weaponry, as well as a thalaron radiation weapon that does massive damage. Two variants of the Scimitar, the Falchion and Tulwar, are operated by the Romulan Republic beginning in 2409.

Armament[edit | edit source]

Romulan Star Empire/Tal Shiar[edit | edit source]

Romulan Republic/Reman Resistance[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hull strength[edit | edit source]

Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
21 120,358
24 141,269

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

Vessels of the class[edit | edit source]

Faction Image Class Named Vessels
Faction Romulan Star Empire.png
Faction Reman.png
IRW Leahval.png Scimitar-class I.R.W. Decius
I.R.W. Hook Saber
I.R.W. Jambiya
I.R.W. Kilij
I.R.W. Khopesh
I.R.W. Leahval
I.R.W. Scimitar
I.R.W. Shamshir
Faction Borg.png Donatra's ship.jpg Scimitar-class (assimilated) I.R.W. Valdore

Notes[edit | edit source]

Images[edit | edit source]

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