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Salvaged Technology

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Salvaged Technology
Ultra Rare
Research and Development - Material
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Salvaged Technology icon.png
Ultra Rare icon.png

Salvaged Technology is an R&D Material required for creating experimental research and development upgrades in every school. These upgrades offer double the chance of upgrading an item's quality level compared to standard superior upgrades.

Salvaged Technology can be acquired from Elite Queue R&D Material Reward Packages, which are awarded following the successful completion of almost every Elite-difficulty PvE queue.

Salvaged Technology can be found in R&D Material Pack [Craylon Gas]

In Elite Ground Queues:

Defend Rh'Ihho Station

"Nukara Prime : Transdimensional Tactics"

"Nukara Prime : Self Destructive Tendencies"

"Brotherhood Of The Sword"

Salvaged Technology is also a reward in the Admiralty system when the event is Scavenger Party.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

This salvaged technology contains the secrets of another civilization's advancements. Through careful study, perhaps some elements of their tech can be adapted to your starship or character equipment.

Use Salvaged Technology to make the most advanced Technology Upgrade items in the Research + Development system.