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STO skin family

Files on the server[edit source]

Common skin files are found in /skins/stocommon/ on the server. There are only two:

  • stocommon.css: Contains CSS styles that are common between all STO family skins applying to the elements provided by the MediaWiki software and many of its extensions.
  • STOcommon.php: The "QuickTemplate" used by all STO family skins. This is responsible for generating the page layout.

Pages on the wiki[edit source]

The StoCommon extension, when enabled for a skin, ensures that the following pages are included in each page load:

Important note: Currently, the StoCommon extension requires a minor configuration addition every time a new STO family skin is added to ensure it loads the common styles for that skin. See Project:STO skin family/Deploying a new skin for more information.