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This page is considered a guideline on STOWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

When a talk page is growing too large, and there's plenty of old discussions that are no longer active, it's a good idea to archive some of them. This page explains how to do so. Never archive ongoing discussions!

Archiving a talk page[edit source]

If there is nothing previously archived:

Step One
  • Add {{Archives1|~~~~~}} (five tildes) to the top of the talk page.
  • Cut out the pieces that you would like to archive (pasting them into a notepad is a good idea so you don't lose them!)
  • Save the talk page.

The top of the talk page will now look something like this:


Step Two
  • Follow the red link to create the archive.
  • Add {{Archive}} to the top of the new blank page.
  • Paste the contents you cut earlier.
  • Save.

You're done!

Adding another archive[edit source]

If there's already an Archives(n) tag in a page, you basically follow the above procedure, but instead you modify the existing tag, e.g.:

  • {{Archives1|03:22, 3 June 2006 (EDT)}} becomes
{{Archives2|03:22, 3 June 2006 (EDT)|~~~~~}}