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Welcome to the Announcements section of the Star Trek Online Wiki. Here you will find news and updates regarding the wiki and information on current goings-on in the world of Star Trek Online.

Foundry content expansion

STOWiki is now welcoming foundry authors to the wiki by allowing to add pages documenting your missions. Feel free to look over those already available on our Foundry:Portal page, which is also linked from the sidebar under "Star Trek Online." Those interesting in adding their own missions should check out our foundry mission formatting guide and our user generated content policy.

We have been assimilated

The Borg have begun their invasion. Looks like our site was one of the first to be assimilated. software update

Thanks to Eyes, MatthewM, RachelGarrett, and our friends at Curse, we have several new incredible features for STOWiki:

New Wiki Skin incoming

Thanks to Carl, STOWiki is about to get a great face lift. you can check out the test version here and leave some feedback.

New Staff

After a long transitional period, again has a staff of admins. They are MatthewM and RachelGarrett. If you are a qualified contributor and want to help us keep the Wiki alive and up-to-date, please leave a message at Rachel's discussion page.

Game Developers Conference San Francisco 2010 Interview

Read our brand new interview with Craig Zinkievich about the future of Star Trek Online and what's in store for players, both Federation and Klingon alike!

All New "Special Task Force" Raid Episodes!

If you're looking for a challenge, look no further than the upcoming Special Task Force Missions — Raid Episodes that combine bold storytelling with the toughest five-man missions yet! Check it out here!

An Interview With Craig Zinkievich

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Craig Zinkievich at Cryptic Studios to discuss Star Trek Online, its current state, and its future. Read the interview here!

The Borg Are Coming!

Check out more information about the upcoming Borg content package on The Borg Hub post. Inside you'll find official screen shots, concept art, and a preview video in HD!

Second Skin Available!

For those of you who might not like the LCARS-style layout that is currently the default skin on the STO Wiki, if you go to My Preferences up top, then click on the Skin tab, you can switch to the Modern skin, which is an elegant, softer skin with a white background and an alternate design. Feel free to try it out! You can always change back. :)

Star Trek Online is Now in Head Start!

Star Trek Online is now in the limbo state known as "head start" where people who have pre-ordered the game can play a few days before the retail launch!

Open Beta Has Started!

Star Trek Online will be in open beta status from now until January 26th. Those who pre-ordered the game have received an open beta access code and can use it to play the beta at this point. Only catch is, it's a 7-8GB download.

Closed Beta has started!

Finally, it's here! Closed beta started October 22nd! Good luck to all getting in!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Star Trek online is taking beta apps!! Sign up now here!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Star Trek Online Wiki is up and running! While this site is still in its "rough draft" form, much is now as it will end up being.