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Military Rank:
Kassae System

Captain S'snek is a Gorn starship captain. He claims that Kassae IV once belonged to his ancestors, and that the planet rightfully belongs to the Gorn. He considers outsiders, including Federation scientists, to be grave robbers.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Researcher Rescue”: S'snek and his crew are responsible for an attack on a research station on Kassae II. The player is able to extinguish a number of fires in the station and rescue several hostages, but S'snek escapes to the dig site on Kassae IV. After disabling several surface shield generators, the player combats S'snek directly; however, he escapes with the dig site scientists to his orbiting ship. The player is able to disable S'snek's ship and beam the hostages to safety; S'snek's ship is left intact, and he is presumably still alive.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • There is nothing to suggest the Klingon Defense Force had anything to do with the Kassae attack; it appears S'snek acted on his own, using only his fellow Gorn for support.
  • Just like the Gorn in the canyon on Nimbus III, he seems to be seeking to start a new Hegemony from scratches.