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Romulan Mystery

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For the Klingon/Romulan Republic mission chain encompassing the the last 5 missions of this episode, please see Cloaked Intentions.

Romulan Mystery (previously simply known as the Romulan Front) is an episode, i.e. chain of missions, for Federation players depicting the conflict of the Federation with the Romulan Star Empire in the aftermath of the Hobus supernova and Sela's rise to power as empress. Missions are available to Federation characters of level 26+.

List of missions of Romulan Mystery[edit | edit source]

Lvl Name Giver
26+ “Heading Out” Admiral T'nae
26+ “Empress Sela” Admiral T'nae
27+ “Desperate Measures” Admiral T'nae
28+ “Shadow Play” Admiral T'nae
29+ “Taris” Admiral T'nae
30+ “The Vault” [1] Admiral T'nae
31+ “Mine Enemy” [1] Admiral T'nae
32+ “Frozen” [1] Admiral T'nae
33+ “Coliseum” [1] Obisek
34+ “Cutting the Cord” [1] Obisek
34+ “Darkness Before the Dawn” [1] Admiral T'nae
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Originally released as "Feature episode 3: Cloaked Intentions". Available for all factions.
Lvl Name Giver
1 “Trade Deal” Lieutenant Commander Brocal
Lvl Sector Associated Patrols Giver
18 Teneebia Sector “Eirhess System Patrol”, “Elvren System Patrol”, “Icari System Patrol” Commander Argus Genstra
19 Sierra Sector “Rhi System Patrol”, “Sienae System Patrol”, “Terrh System Patrol” Commander Argus Genstra
21 Vendor Sector “Ra'kholh System Patrol”, “T'liss System Patrol”, “Tephrei System Patrol” Commander Argus Genstra
22 Hyralan Sector “Patrol the Daise System”, “Patrol the Hfihar System”, “Patrol the Chulan System” Commander Argus Genstra
23 Onias Sector “Patrol the Khellian System”, “Patrol the Aido System”, “Patrol the Muso System” Commander Argus Genstra
24 Mylasa Sector “Patrol the Alth'ndor System”, “Patrol the T'iokol System”, “Patrol the Khaiell System”, “Patrol the Dera System” Commander Argus Genstra
25 Devron Sector “Patrol the Cero System”, “Patrol the Fitzan System”, “Patrol the Aihai System” Commander Argus Genstra
26 Tarod Sector “Patrol the K'shan System”, “Patrol the Sarita System”, “Patrol the Lonco System” Commander Argus Genstra
28 Z-6 Sector “Patrol the Lirss System”, “Patrol the Fvillhai System”, “Patrol the Vhoran System” Commander Argus Genstra
29 Bolarus Sector “Patrol the Ponor System”, “Patrol the Breshar System”, “Patrol the Llaiir System” Commander Argus Genstra

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