Risian Tropical Bird Egg

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Risian Tropical Bird Egg
Common Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
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This appears to be an egg belonging to one of the many vibrant-colored tropical birds that call Risa their home. Since this egg was laying in an unguarded nest, it's safe to presume that whichever bird it laid it has since abandoned it to local predators. Better you should find it, than to have it destroyed.
There is a Researcher at the Resort that can help you use these to obtain unique breeds of Risian Tropical Birds.
Acquired from the Horga'hn Scavenger Hunt held on Risa during the Summer Event.
Used for special Duty Officer Assignments to obtain tropical bird vanity pets
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The Risian Tropical Bird Egg is a special item acquired and used during the Lohlunat Festival summer event.

This item can be hatched into a random Risian Tropical Bird via the “Hatch a Risian Tropical Bird Egg!” duty officer assignment available from the Ornithologist.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]