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Risian Feather Monkey

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A Risian Feather Monkey

Risian Feather Monkeys are creatures native to Risa which can be bred to become non-combat pets.

They are also extremely useful for obtaining Reputation Marks, as a full grown Feather Monkey of any breed can be traded in for Mark Packages. There are three breeds of Feather Monkey. After obtaining six [Tropical Tags] (awarded by “Making Waves”), Feather Monkeys can be raised via the assignment “Research Tagged Feather Monkeys” given by the Monkey Trainer at the Promenade of the Risa Summer Resort.

Each of the breeds has the potential to evolve into a "Feather Monkey with Tiki Mask" variant upon getting a critical success.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Risian Feather Monkey is an indigenous primate with a high degree of cleverness and agility. They are easily domesticated and make excellent, if sometimes mischievous, companions. As they grow older, their plumage becomes more pronounced and colorful.

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

Trading for Marks[edit | edit source]

Risian Feather Monkeys can be traded to the Monkey Trainer for a Mark Package - Multiple Choice. The number of Reputation Marks awarded will depend on the age and variant of the monkey.

Monkey Age Regular With Tiki Mask
Baby 10 20
Juvenile 20 35
Adult 35 60
Senior 60 100

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