Release notes/20190516

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General[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved a potential crash when loading outfits in the Tailor.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Added the Bonus Discovery Marks cooldown to the Reward Cooldowns UI.

Content[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved a potential crash when speaking to Lorca during, “Impossibility of Reason”.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Discovery Captains from accessing the Klingon War Arc on new accounts.
  • Updated rewards for "Impossibility of Reason" so that players receive both the Nanofiber Jacket costume unlock and the special bat'leth on first play.
  • Added the Nanofiber Jacket Costume Unlock to "Impossibility of Reason" replay reward options, for players that may have missed it on their first play.
  • Warden Vosker should no longer disappear after Landry saves Aakar during the episode, “Plausibility of the Possible”.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Faulty Section 31 Holo-Disguise Updates:
    • Updated the Faulty Holo Disguise to only allow a single instance of the Toggle to be active at a time.
    • Resolved an issue where the Faulty Holo-disguise wasn’t appropriately interacting with meleeing.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing the entire stack of Faulty S31 Holo-Device to be consumed when using 1.
      • Item now comes as a stackable box which opens into an unstackable version.
    • Updated tooltips and descriptions for the Faulty Holo Disguise.
  • Covert Minelayer Suite Updates:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing Quantum mines to never leave creep mode.
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Mine Creep from working on leveless versions of the console.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing various Universal Consoles from being affected by Unconventional Systems.
  • Resolved an issue that that prevented the Mind Meld Device from being redeemed if it had been discarded.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Completing a Duty Officer assignment with unbound officers causes them to become bound.
  • Many abilities (particularly ground weapons) may be missing one tick of damage per activation, decreasing their expected damage output over time.
  • There is a known issue that prevents players from unboxing their Jem'Hadar Vanguard ships in some cases.