Release notes/20181011

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General[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue that was causing enemy critters to not match player level when a player joined a Task Force Operation midway in.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Vulcan characters from being able to proceed in "Diplomatic Orders" when speaking with Vulcan aide T'Pela.
  • Removed “The Once and Future Agent” from Discovery faction mission journal.
  • Moved “Task Force Operation: Age of Discovery” handoff mission into the Klingon War arc.
  • Added a 5-minute Cooldown to the "Defense of Starbase One" Task Force Operation.
    • This should improve its interactions with Random TFO selection.
  • Unlocked Age of Discovery mission group for all non-Discovery captains.
    • You can now go directly to "Secrets" even if you haven't finished the rest of your journal.
  • Updated description on Age of Discovery starter pack to include ship claim instructions. 

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Gamma Marks from Random Task Force Operations are using the Competitive Wargames daily bonus cooldown.
  • Universal Endeavor Expand/Collapse button is not working properly.
  • Coraline, Ian Kwon, And Tamav have the wrong traits for their species
  • Discovery Starter ship Windows 2 and 3 are missing materials.
  • Cannot reclaim packs from the C-Store that auto-open into items on ground maps.
  • Foundry features have been temporarily shut down.
  • Big Dig Task Force Operation will be removed until further notice.
  • Breaking the Planet Task Force Operation will be removed until further notice.
  • There's an issue that prevented Discovery captains from getting their complements of duty officers as they gain ranks.
  • Mission journal progress is locked until you complete or skip the new TFO handoff missions.