Release notes/20180726

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  • Resolved an issue where some tutorials could be shared to other players and could potential block those players from progressing.
  • Resolved an issue where captains level 61 and above could not respond to Fleet Events.
  • Removed the old Season 9 loading screen.
  • Excelsior Starships:
    • Added glows to "crystals" on top of the saucer for Excelsior and Enterprise B.
    • Resolved an issue with the registry name on the hull for Tier 5 standard Excelsior.
    • Resolved an issue which caused a seam on the saucer on the standard Excelsior.
  • Added Elachi Weekend Event to August 2.
  • Added XP Weekend Event to August 16.


  • The critical severity of Enemy ships on Normal difficulty has been reduced from 100% to 50%.
    • This does not affect the values for Advanced and Elite difficulties.
    • This is subject to further change as we continue to monitor late game difficulty. 
  • The Reclaim store now only show Singularity Cores to Romulan Captains.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Linked Disruptor Wide Arc Dual Heavy Cannons to use incorrect visuals.
  • The nacelles of the Aquarius Escort Destroyer now properly animate when warping.
  • Pilot Escorts now properly animate when entering and exiting combat.