Release notes/20171017

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XBOXonly.pngPS4only.png Consoles-only content ahead.
The following article or section describes content only available on XBOX One and PlayStation 4.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an Issue which was causing players to crash occasionally when transferring maps
  • New Weekend Event Store
    • For participating in Weekend Events, players will receive 1 Weekend Event Voucher per day.
    • To access the store, either double-click on the voucher from the inventory or view the store in the Weekend Event Tab in the Events Store of the Reputation System.
    • The current and previous Weekend Event rewards will be available for purchase.
    • Any purchase from the Weekend Event Store is account unlocked and can be reclaimed by any characters on an account!
  • Gold-Pressed Latinum Rewards from Ferengi Admiralty assignments have been reduced by about 80%.
    • In place of these reduced rewards, these assignments now also reward Energy Credits proportionate to the amount of GPL that has been removed.
  • Updated contents of Infinity Lock Box to include items from the Privateer Lock Box.
  • Temporary Ships, such as the Obelish, no longer have vanity equipment slots.
  • Resolved an issue where Frequency Remodulators could not always be equipped if the device slots were full.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Restorative Synergy to proc less frequently when the Command specialization was slotted.
  • Fleet Personnel Duty Officer packages may now be purchased in bulk, up to 50 at a time.
  • Protonic Energy Stabilizer Module
    • The chance to activate has been doubled to 20%
    • The damage dealt now scales with damage bonuses
    • The damage is now dealt as a DoT over 5 seconds, and only has 50% shield penetration
    • The base amount of damage has been significantly increased