Release notes/20170504

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New Feature[edit | edit source]

War Game Scenario – Twin Tribulations[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • PvE Queue UI
    • Added messages which notify old and new leaders of a leadership change.
    • The "Leave Selected Queues" button will now be disabled to reflect the existing fact that it is not possible to leave the selected queues, after the group has been matched and waiting for a map.
    • Resolved an issue where the whistle sound when a queue is ready played twice.
  • Resolved an issue which was occasionally causing maps to crash.

Content[edit | edit source]

  • Survivor
    • Resolved an issue where some of the temporal anomaly bubbles during the puzzle portion were not visible.
    • Resolved an issue where selecting Reset Temporal Bubbles could break progression while in a team.
    • Raised the height of some walls to stop players from accidently jumping over and out of the playable space.
  • Core Assault
    • Added an AFK penalty for normal and advanced difficulties.
    • The door UI now vanishes after opening all four doors.
  • Binary Circuit
    • Resolved an issue with the collision on the floor puzzle pieces.
    • Resolved an issue where mortars could strike players on the other team unless the player is fighting as the Borg.
  • Kobali missions - Completion of The Temple of My People now counts towards the Kobali Crisis Act I mission.
  • Resolved an issue where players who were not in a fleet could join a fleet PvE queue.
    • This also means these queues are once again available.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Wargame Reputation Consumables
    • The cooldown time of the shorter length consumables now displays properly as 60 seconds.
    • Added an icon for Space Shield Placate.
    • Resolved an issue where a pylon was using placeholder FX.
    • Resolved an issue where turret icons looked incorrect in their information window.
  • Tuned all Space Transform/Separation abilities to address a situation that was causing Pets summoned by these abilities to almost immediately despawn/flee.
    • All Space Transform/Separation abilities have received a tooltip description update.
  • Resolved an issue where the Incremental Phase Shift console, Temporal Distortion Field console, Phase Shift console, and Temporal Flux device would not function when activated.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Foundry functions will be temporarily unavailable.
  • When the player opens the new PvE queue UI for only the first time, the categories will be out of order.
    • Close the window and reopen to resolve this.
  • Teams in PvE queues disband when the queue ends instead of when leaving the map.