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General[edit | edit source]

  • Foundry Edit tools no longer blocks Shooter Mode.
  • The planet “Babel System” name has been changed to be more accurately named “Babel II”.
  • Made slight animation updates to the following:
    • Defeat animation for humanoids and ship destruction
    • Knockback animation

Content[edit | edit source]

  • Improved the Kit players receive upon completing the “First City” objective during the KDF tutorial.
  • Resolved an issue where it was possible to get Bridge Officers during Defera Ground Powerplant missions.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented 23rd Century Captains from entering Wolf 359.
  • Temporal Ambassador: The sensor ghosts of ships in anomalies at the start of the episode will no longer appear to warp in.
  • The Red Shirt in the lower decks of the Pioneer who directs the player if they are going the wrong way should now have a Pioneer ship badge.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue that caused the Bioneural Infusion Circuits and Elachi Subspace Transceiver console to share an equip limit.
  • The Ominous Device console will now appear in the Dilithium reclaim store if the player owns the Temporal Light Cruiser [T6], D7 Temporal Battlecruiser [T6], or the T’liss Temporal Warbird [T6] on the character attempting to reclaim it on.
  • The bonus from Subsystem Redundancies Engineering Consoles now stack when more than one is equipped.
  • The Astrophysicist Trait possessed by the Hologram Spock Bridge Officer can now stack with the Captain version of the same trait.
  • Clarified the interaction between MACO shields and Plasmonic Leech.
    • Updated the MACO Shields proc to require the player to not have any stacks of Plasmonic Leech to apply.
    • Having Plasmonic Leech stacks prevents additional stacks of the MACO shield from applying.
    • Updating the text on some of the shields to say they don't stack.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • Capris no longer clip with Jupiter boots.
  • Resolved minor clipping issues with female Risa shorts and tops at the waistline.
  • Resolved issues with clipping at the waistline when wearing TOS Male Pants - Tucked Capris.
  • Removed hairstyle for Remans since Remans do not have hair.
  • Resolved an issue where female Reman chests were not appearing while wearing the Hazari Upper piece.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • The TOS Gorn outfit does not unlock once completing the episode “Battle of Caleb IV”.
  • No level up audio or FX is playing for 23rd Century Captains.
  • Plasmonic Leech is misspelled on numerous items.