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General[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue which was causing players to not receive credit for interacting with an Omega Particle and playing the mini game for "Omega Molecule Stabilization".
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally caused the map to crash when 2 players interacted with an Omega Particle at the same time.
  • Resolved an issue which occasionally caused the map to crash when discarding a training manual.
  • Added "Anniversary Qmendation Package" to the Lobi Store.
    • This package costs 5 Lobi Crystals and rewards between 10 and 20 Qmendations used to complete this year's Event Reputation Project.
    • This will only be visible in the Lobi Store if players have the Collect 2015 Anniversary Event Rewards project active/slotted.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Foundry functions are not available at this time.
  • The mini game for "Omega Molecule Stabilization" will occasionally finish in the middle of playing the game.
    • Player will still receive credit towards the mission.
  • A few lines of VO are missing from the episode "Taris".
  • The Captain's chair on the bridge on the APU ship cannot be sat in.
  • KDF players do not appear in the scoreboard at the end of a PVP match.

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