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General[edit | edit source]

  • All 2014 Winter Event items no longer require completion of "Tide of Ice" to purchase.
    • Instead, all of the listed items below will only require their listed Winter Currencies for purchase:
      • Knitted Winter Hat
      • Long, Cropped, and Short Frost Jackets
      • Long, Cropped, and Short Mistletoe Jackets
      • Long, Cropped, and Short Rustler Jackets
      • Freezing Mist
      • The Impaler
      • Nanopulse Lirpa
      • Snowball Mortar
      • Explosive Gumdrop
      • Avalanche!
      • Snowball Turret
      • Candy Cane Caltrops
      • Gingerbread Defense Squad
      • Research Kit Module
      • Mechanic Kit Module
      • Assault Kit Module
      • Abomidorable Snowman Pet
      • Cryoplasma-Infused Warp Core
      • Cryoplasma-Infused Singularity Core
  • Interacting with generators in the Dyson Sphere Ground Battlezone now applies credit towards the associated open missions.
  • The PvE queue "Defend Rh'lhho Station" now rewards 10 Marks when failing it in Advanced and Elite modes.
  • Players will no longer receive Fleet or Bridge invites from players on their Ignore list.
    • For this to work, the player must log out and then log back in after placing someone on the Ignore list.
  • Candycane Caltrops no longer damage friendly Snowball Turrets and Snowball Mortars.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous uniform clipping issues with the Talaxian Dress Uniform, Female Odyssey uniforms with collars, and Female Khan Upper piece.
  • Intelligence Team is not applying the Stealth buff.
  • The Elachi Subspace Rift Module cannot be un-equipped.
  • The Accolade “A Line in the Snow” cannot be finished.

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