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General[edit | edit source]

  • Embassy Romulan Bridge Officers can now have their uniforms customized in the Tailor.
    • These uniform options will not include faction specific uniforms such as Starfleet uniforms.
    • This also is applied to all Embassy Romulan Bridge Officers which have already been purchased.
  • Gamepads and Joysticks now function as they did prior to the release of Season 9: A New Accord.
  • Level 45 Captains are able to equip crafted Mark 12 items and items upgraded to Mark 12.
  • The Voyager bridge interior options have been added to the Fleet Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit and the Fleet Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit [T5-U].
    • In order to access the Voyager Bridges, a player must have purchased the Intrepid Bundle or the Pathfinder plus Interior Bundle in the C-Store.
  • The Fleet logo is no longer upside down on the Pathfinder.
  • Resolved an issue where the Pathfinder's rear weapons would occasionally fire from space near the ship instead of the correct point on the ship.
  • Beam animation more accurately fires from the gun barrel on ground weapons.
  • Phinneas Mudd should no longer spam players in range when he is closing up shop and leaving.

Content[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue where players could be pushed out of the Voyager Turbolift during “What’s Left Behind” if teamed with other players.
    • If this occurs, the player will be automatically beamed back to the hallway.
  • Borg Red Alerts now set Captains and enemies to level 50.
  • Injured Gekli in “Viscous Cycle” Advanced and Elite can now be healed.
  • Undine now spawn to attack the Orb in “Undine Infiltration” Advanced and Elite.
  • Dyson Sphere Battle Zone: Re-balanced how player's scores are calculated for open missions.
    • Previously, missions were being too generous with points for tasks that were not critical to missions and too penalizing on tasks that were critical for missions.
  • Resolved an issue which caused the holographic Voth Battleship in “Alliances” to return to 100% hull strength if the player is defeated while fighting it.
    • Once it has been sabotaged by the Doctor it will not go above 25% hull strength.
    • Also, its shields go offline once the player has completed the main mission objective and is simply attempting to defeat it.
  • Delta Marks are now offered as a reward choice for the PvE queues “Storming the Spire” and “The Breach”.
  • Delta Mark boxes now auto-unpack upon receiving them instead of being placed into the inventory.
  • Delta Quadrant Patrols:
    • Doubled the amount of rewarded Skill Points for all Delta Quadrant patrol missions.
    • All Delta Quadrant missions reward 10 Delta Marks instead of 5.
    • Updated the Parein Patrol reward to include loot since it is a disable all enemies instead of defeat all enemies mission.
  • Resolved an issue in "All That Glitters" which allowed players to take the Turbolift before completing the "Speak with the Doctor" step which would then block progression.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Gold and Ultrarare Duty Officers now properly improve the Success and Critical Success chances on assignments, relative to their quality level.
  • Research and Development:
    • Reduced the uncommon material costs of uncommon components slightly.
      • Uncommon components that previously required 5 uncommon materials now require 3.
      • Uncommon components that previously required 8 uncommon materials now require 7.
    • Reduced the rare material costs of rare components moderately.
      • Rare components that previously required 5 rare materials now require 3.
      • Rare components that previously required 8 rare materials now require 5.
    • Reduced the very rare material costs of very rare components significantly.
      • Very rare components that previously required 5 rare materials now require 1.
      • Very rare components that previously required 8 rare materials now require 2.
    • Dilithium costs have been left unchanged.
  • Delta Reputation:
    • "Enhanced Rending Shots" behaves more cleanly, and reflects the cooldown period when it has been triggered.
      • Tooltips and descriptions updated to more accurately explain how this ability functions.
    • "Reactive Ship Repairs" no longer grants healing to foes hit with Chain attacks that critically hit secondary targets.
      • Lockout period changed from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
      • Amount of healing per second reduced, but frequency of healing ticks increased from 2 seconds to 1 second, to match previous tooltip.
      • Tooltips and descriptions updated to match new information.
  • Abilities that are triggered by Weapon Activation will no longer occasionally be triggered by Full Impulse.
  • Nadion Saturation Bomb explosions no longer have any collision.
  • Reduced the damage delay on the second and third hits of all Bolt Burst firing modes.
  • The dance emote triggered by use of a Nerve Tonic will now persist for a full 60 seconds unless manually turned off.
    • The dance is no longer cancelled by movement or nearby Subspace Party Amplifiers.
    • Combat still cancels the effect.

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