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General[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved a number of issues causing graphic and UI related crashes.
  • Kobali Adventure Zone:
    • Resolved an issue where the open mission "Defense at the Gates" could occasionally be blocked from completing.
    • Changed the gender of all injured soldiers in the med bay to be male.
    • Changed Hanchon Sadalore to be male in order to match the VO.
    • The text when fighting Overseer Mengin now matches the VO.
  • The Vesta Aux Phaser Cannon no longer becomes inactive when it is upgraded.
    • The cannon will be back in its slot for those players who have experienced this issue.
    • If the cannon had previously been upgraded before the issue occurred, the cannon will reflect its upgraded level once back in its slot.
  • Resolved an issue where obtaining level 1 in any R&D School would unlock the school associated trait which is intended to unlock at level 15.
    • The traits will be automatically removed from the trait list as well as any which are equipped.
    • Traits earned by reaching level 15 in a R&D School will not be removed.
    • The list of traits this is applied to are:
      • "Beam Barrage" – Beams School
      • "Deft Cannoneer" – Cannon School
      • "Give Your All" – Engineering School
      • "Inelastic Collisions" – Shields School
      • "Kinetic Precision" – Projectiles School
      • "Particle Manipulator" – Science School
      • "Penetrating Rounds" – Ground Weapons School
  • Removed the text that stated the Scryer Intel Science Vessel has Sensor Analysis.
    • This is just a text change as this ship never had Sensor Analysis.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • The following PVE queues are temporarily unavailable:
    • Azure Nebula Rescue
    • Khitomer Vortex
    • No Win Scenario
    • Spire Assault
    • The Vault Shuttle Event
  • Fleet projects that require items such as Photon Torpedoes will not accept the required items to complete the project.
  • Some ship consoles cannot be reclaimed in the Reclaim Store once the ship is upgraded.
  • The Vaadwaur missile in "The Battle of Korfez" has incorrect art.
  • Some text does not match the VO.
  • The new Intel power "Kinetic Magnet" does not function properly on all items.

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