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General[edit | edit source]

  • The Research and Development Pack has been updated to include 4 random Upgrade Accelerators in addition to its prior contents.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing numerous issues with beaming down to ground maps while teamed involving bridge officers.
  • Other player’s loot drops are now hidden on Invasion Zones such as Nukara Prime.
  • Resolved numerous issues with clipping issues in the Species List, Face, and Hair selectors of the character creator.
  • Omega Force set: Federation Aligned Female Romulans can now equip the Hips attach armor known as "Harvester, Reaper, and Quietus".
  • Miner Shirts:
    • The Miner Shirt for male characters no longer appears without a chest when set to "Off Duty".
    • All Miner Shirts are now available under "Jacket Tight" and "Jacket Loose".
      • Both under "Uniform" and "Off Duty".
  • Male Romulan Aliengen’s eye colors no longer change when choosing a faction.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing Klingon Honor Guard Arm Attach Left and Arm Attach Right to not appear for players who were Romulan or Reman.
  • Klingon aligned Borg Liberated Reman Bridge Officers can now equip the Klingon Faction Reman Uppers.
  • Female Romulan characters now have access to the New Styled Elegant hairstyle.
  • Increased the range of allowed heights for female Romulan Aliens.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Powers
    • Captains must now be moving to benefit from the Dodge bonus granted by Sprint.
    • All Weapon Remodulators can no longer be accidentally interrupted by the player performing other actions while it is being activated.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing several Kit Abilities to have their chance to Expose cut in half, as if they were a Weapon Primary Attack.
    • Ambush Doffs that apply DOTs can no longer be triggered by DOT affects themselves.
    • The Psionic Assault debuff can now be cleansed.
    • Frosted Boots:
      • Removed the delay that prevents this device from being disabled for 1 second after being activated.
      • This may have been causing the device to get stuck in an "on" state in certain edge cases.
    • Resolved an issue that was preventing the 3 piece Dyson Console set bonus, Proton Energy Matrix, from correctly applying its cooldown reduction to the associated Console abilities.
    • Phased Biomatter Cannon items now display the correct Cannon icon instead of using that of a Beam Array
    • Resolved an issue causing Emergency Conn Hologram duty officers to reset the cooldown on Impulse Capacitance Cell.
    • Updated photonic life forms so that they are immune to respirated gases and vacuums.
      • They can still be affected by super-hot or corrosive environments, such as Nukara or the surface of a star, without special protection.
  • Levelless C-store ship consoles are now considered Epic (gold) quality.
    • This is a display change only, no functionality is changed.
    • This does not apply to weapons.
  • Lobi Store:
    • All Lobi Store Ground Equipment has been updated to be more uniform in design:
      • None can be sold to vendors.
      • None have an EC value.
      • None are Unique but players may purchase additional weapons for Bridge Crew.
      • All are now Purple quality.
        • Weapons may have gained one or two additional [Dmg], [CrtH] or [CrtD] mods in order to bring them up to Purple quality levels.
        • Some weapons have benefited from this conversion more than others.
    • All leveless Lobi Store Ground and Space Equipment will now stop scaling once the player reaches level 50.
      • All Lobi Store Space and Ground Equipment can now be converted into Mk XII for free, once the player is level 50.
      • This conversion will happen automatically by choosing to Upgrade the item.
      • Players do not need to use a Tech Upgrade or spend Dilithium, unless players want to attempt to Upgrade it higher than Mk XII.
      • This conversion process will make these items slightly better, but they will no longer automatically scale with your level as you progress.
      • Once an item is converted in this manner it cannot be used by characters below level 50.
    • The following items have been removed from the Lobi Store:
      • Jem'Hadar Space Set - Dominion Circuitry
      • Jem'Hadar Ground Set - Shrouded Nanofibers
      • Jem'Hadar Pistol - Upgraded Firing Mechanism
      • The items previously upgraded via these packs can now be improved via the Upgrade System
    • Added a Jem'Hadar Armor costume pack to the Lobi Store, costumes tab.
      • This item was added because the Upgrade Pack previously sold will no longer be available.
      • Captains that already have attained this costume via the old means, this Costume Unlock does not contain any new visual unlocks, so does not need to be purchased.
  • Updated retrofit phaser banks from the Constitution-class ship or mission reward from "Everything Old is New" so that they no longer are different based on fore or aft mounting.
    • They can be placed in either forward or aft slots with no difference.
    • Text has been updated to reflect this.
    • As seen in the remastered TOS episodes, beams mounted aft fire a pair of beams just like the forward ones, but the weapon is still considered a standard 250-degree phaser beam array.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • Addition of a number of new Foundry Objects:
    • New Romulus Trees, Plants, Rocks, Waterfalls, Ruins, Props and various other details from New Romulus.
      • Glass Walls/Floors:
        • Federation ESD, Romulan Embassy,and Klingon Starbase.
    • Specialty Volumes:
      • Low Gravity, Floater, EV Suit Required
    • Invisible Floors to match up with the Invisible Walls that are already available.
    • Benches from Earth Spacedock, both Sittable and Non-Sittable versions, and their respective cushions.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Moved the Sort button in the inventory next to the Replicator button.
  • Rank Rewards UI Window:
    • Added "R&D System unlocked" at level 15.
    • Removed references to Exploration Clusters.
  • The Finish Now button in R&D will now tell the player if they do not have enough Dilithium.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Deadly Intent Module does not work on some weapons.
  • Traits cannot be switched on the player’s bridge.
  • Upgrade System
    • The following items cannot be upgraded:
      • Nukara EV Armor
      • Nukara Cold Pulsewave
      • Nukara Personal Shield Generator
      • Mark 12 Borg Impulse Engines
      • Romulan Plasma Flamethrower
      • Romulan Experimental Plasma Beam Arrays
      • Romulan Hyper Plasma Torpedoes
    • Upgrading secondary deflector does not grant the correct Aux power.

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