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General[edit | edit source]

  • "Surface Tension" can now be replayed by Romulan Captains allied with the KDF.
  • Added a Tier 5 dilithium hourly project to each personal reputation system similar to the same dilithium hourly project found in other tiers.
    • This project will always be available at Tier 5.
    • This will reward 340 dilithium and a rewardpack.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing a crash on New Romulus.
  • Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor now costs 200 Lobi once again.
    • This was incorrectly set to 50 Lobi.
  • Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance now costs 50 Lobi.
    • This was incorrectly set to 200 Lobi.
  • New Fleet Kit Modules are set to bind on pick up.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Some players are experiencing graphic related crashes.
  • New kit modules and frames do not have their own search category in the Exchange.
  • Active Reputation Powers are not placed into your tray when selected in the Traits window.
    • They can be slotted by dragging them from the powers list into the tray.
  • The door to Quinn’s old office has not been hooked to a new location on new ESD for Foundry missions.
    • This will cause some Foundry missions to not work if an objective was to use this door in the mission.
  • Assimilated Romulan Republic characters have Tal Shiar costumes.
  • Some backgrounds in interact windows with NPCs on new ESD still show old ESD backgrounds.
  • Telekinesis trait cannot be slotted.
  • Kits in your inventory cannot be equipped by double-clicking on them.
    • You can drag and drop slot them.
  • Dyson Sphere ground textures may have graphical issues when antialiasing is set to “none”.

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