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General[edit | edit source]

  • A Step Between Stars:
    • Added the ability to start the mission if you are already inside Joint Command or if you are trying to get inside of Joint Command through the Allied Zone in the Dyson Sphere.
    • Resolved an issue that was causing lag in this Feature Episode.
    • Resolved an issue which caused the jetpack on the EV suit in this Feature Episode to sometimes not work.
  • The Breach:
    • The rewards are back in place for completing the event.
    • Battleships are once again protecting the fortress in the Elite version of the queue.
  • Destabilized Tetryon Weapons:
    • Increased shield drain per tick on both Space and Ground procs.
    • The space effect is now increased using Flow Capacitors (instead of Weapons Training)
    • The ground effect does not scale with any player skills (this is not a change).
    • The ground effect can be cleansed with Quick Fix (this is not a change).
  • Resolved an issue which could occasionally cause a disconnect when editing in the Foundry.
  • Ambient audio has been restored to New Romulus Command.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Some players are experience very dark environments in A Step Between Stars.
    • A temporary workaround: turn ON "underwater view" in the video settings menu and restart the game.
  • The new feature Ship Loadouts is still being finalized and is not available currently on Holodeck.
    • This feature is still available on Tribble to test and send feedback on.
    • We plan to bring this to Holodeck as soon as possible.
  • When swapping ships, items transferred between ships will not automatically equip back when you return to a previous ship.
    • This is being addressed ASAP.
    • In the meantime, you can easily re-equip it off the other ship with the Quick Equip feature.
  • Some ground maps such as New Romulus, The Flotilla, and Deep Space 9 do not allow fast equip from your bank or other ships.
  • Occasionally, an item will not move in the chosen slot when using Quick Equip.
  • Duty officer roster icons are displaying badges instead of the duty officer portrait.
  • Headshots of other players are not always loading when viewing their information screen.
  • Away team members will occasionally get hung up in some types of hallway doors.
  • KDF captains cannot switch to all costume slots.

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