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General[edit | edit source]

  • Hourly events are running once more.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause veteran characters to get combat EV suits of the wrong faction.
  • Resolved an issue which was making the Tal'Kyr invisible with the support vessel and shuttle versions.
  • Voth Bulwark Cruiser:
  • Resolved an issue that prevented players from buying Advanced Voth Heavy Fighters from the Dilithium Store if the player owned the Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser.
  • Sphere Space, Contested Zone:
    • Resolved an issue that caused the found mission "Cloaked Figures" not to reset.
  • Sphere Space, Allied Zone:
    • "Joint Command – Find Missing Ship": Resolved an issue that could cause the missing ship to not reset properly.
  • Voth Shoulder Pads:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing the Voth Shoulder pads to not be available for Klingon females.
    • Resolved an issue where Romulan females were missing the left shoulder pad.
  • Dilithium Mine Fleet Holding:
    • Resolved an issue that prevented faction specific Hangar Pets in the Dilithium Store from receiving Dilithium Discounts from the Fleet Dilithium Mine holding.
  • The search button in the Exchange will now be disabled if the name is unspecified, Any Rank and Any Quality are chosen, and the Item Type is set to All. The button will have a tooltip in that case.
  • Added new icons for the antiproton beam arrays and transphasic chroniton torpedo launcher on the Voth Bastion Flight Deck Cruiser and Voth Palisade Science Vessel.
  • Added unique trait icons for the Voth Bridge officer traits:
    • Suspended Animation and Bio-Organic Sedative.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Fire at Will still does not Crit.
  • Some KDF captains cannot switch to all of their costume slots.

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