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General[edit | edit source]

  • Mark Valentine Memorial
    • A memorial has been placed on the grounds of the Starfleet Academy to honor the memory all the captains we’ve lost on our journey through Star Trek Online.
  • First Contact Cluster Missions
    • Resolved an issue where sometimes mission critical contacts would not spawn.
  • Romulan Temporal Ship R’Mor no longer unpacks with 2 Tipler Cylinder consoles.
  • The Cure Found
    • esolved an issue which was causing players to enter a failed version of the event.
  • Crystalline Entity
    • Resolved an issue where captains were only receiving a 100 Mark of choice reward box instead of a 250 Mark of choice box from completing the project.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Trait Updates
    • Photonic Capacitor
      • This trait can now be triggered by the following additional Science abilities:
        • Scattering Field
        • Science Fleet
        • Tachyon Beam
        • Tractor Beam
        • Tractor Beam Repulsors
      • Any ability that has a Toggle duration (shown as a short duration countdown on your hotkey bar) will not activate Photonic Capacitor until this duration has completed.
    • Subterfuge
      • The Stealth bonus granted no longer stacks.
      • Only the highest bonus will apply.
      • The Defense bonus still stacks.
    • Inspirational Leader
      • No longer has a chance to activate on each period of maintained powers like Eject Warp Plasma.
      • Resolved an issue where Inspirational Leader would proc more frequently than intended.
      • The description now includes the "one free respec" portion.
  • Resolved some issues with some Tactical Bridge Officer powers.
    • All weapon modifying Tactical Bridge Officer powers are now unable to activate while the category of buff they give is already active.
      • For example, while Beam Overload 1 buff is active, Beam Overload 2 cannot be fired.
    • All weapon modifying Tactical Bridge Officers powers are now unable to activate for 5 seconds after using the ability.
        • For example, for 5 seconds after firing Beam Overload, Beam Overload 1, 2, and 3 cannot be activated.
    • These changes affect all of the following categories of powers at all ranks:
      • Beam Overload
      • Beam Fire At Will
      • Beam Subsystem Targeting
      • Mine Dispersal Pattern Alpha
      • Mine Dispersal Pattern Beta
      • Cannon Rapid Fire
      • Cannon Scatter Volley
      • High Yield Torpedo
      • Torpedo Spread
  • Gravity Well
    • Ranks 2 and 3 now properly benefit from the captain’s AuxPower and Graviton Generators skill.
    • The base damage of the power has been increased at all ranks.
    • The Repel values of all ranks can now be improved slightly with Graviton Generators skill.
    • he Radius bonus gained by Graviton Generators has been increased.
      • The amount of bonus damage that Aux Power and Partical Generators give to this power have been decreased.
  • Tyken’s Rift
    • All ranks of Tyken's Rift now apply the proper bonuses of the user's AuxPower, Flow Capacitors and Particle Generators.
    • The base value of the periodic power drain has been increased by approximately 50%.
    • The bonus from Aux Power has been decreased to less than half of its prior potential.
    • The base kinetic damage dealt by this power has been increased by about 35%
  • Graviton Pulse Generator
    • Innate Resistances to Slow (like those provided by the skill Inertial Dampers) now reduce the Duration of this debuff, instead of the Magnitude.
    • The benefit this ability gains from the Graviton Generators skill has been reduced by half.
  • Duty Officers:
    • Fast Reload Projectile Officers no longer reduce the recharge time of the Destabilized Plasma Torpedo.
  • Resolved some issues with the Romulan Xenobiologist kits.
    • The Mk X kit version no longer has the same powers as the very rare version Mk X.
    • The Mk X kit now correctly has Stasis Field R4 instead of R3.
  • Orion Slave Hangar Pets
    • Their odds to pillage Energy Credits and Commodities have doubled.
    • Each successful pillage will result in a higher average energy credit rate.
  • Warp Core Breach
    • Reduced the flee distance from 5km to 3km.
  • Emergency Power to Engines now only last 5 seconds for enemy craft.
    • The 30 second duration for players remains unchanged.
  • Matter/Antimatter Warp Core mod "Auxiliary to Shields" now displays the correct mod abbreviation in its item display names.
    • Cores with this power will now properly display as "A->S" instead of "E->S".
  • Warhead Yield Chamber consoles no longer displays their damage tooltip twice.
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes carrier’s small craft would not fight against enemies while in Intercept mode.
  • Elachi Crescent Wave Cannon
    • Now requires a target to be in its arc before it can be fired.
  • The Tricobalt Torpedo weapons now have the correct power icon when Torpedo High Yield or Torpedo Spread is active.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Captains can now choose to remove the "U.S.S.", "I.K.S" or "R.R.W." prefix from all lockbox ships.
    • Additionally, Klingon captains may now choose "O.S.S." for Orion ships (Orion Syndicate Ship), "G.H.S." for Gorn ships (Gorn Hegemony Ship) or "N.F.V." for Nausicaan ships (Nausicaan Free Vessel).
    • Captains can also choose to remove the prefix from Orion and Nausicaan ships.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the NumpadEnter key to be recognized as the Enter keybind.
  • Re-enabled game chat channel filters for Emotes and Minigame.

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