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General[edit | edit source]

  • All EV Suit Armors have gained a base amount of Cold Resist.
    • The value is equal to what they currently possess for Fire Resist.
  • The Cryo Pulsewave and its Mk XII upgrade now deal 75% of their previous damage when fired against Players.
    • Their damage output against NPCs remains unaltered.
  • Players that have picked up the Virus from their base in Shanty Town will be unable to use Stealth Powers until they get rid of the Virus, or die trying.
  • Changed the display name for attacks made by Wing Cannon Platforms so they can be more clearly identified in the combat log.
    • This is a display change only.
  • Using the Tachyon Drone hangar pets on the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought and Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier will now result in actually launching Tachyon Drones, instead of Orion Interceptors.
  • Space Stealth and Cloaking Updates:
    • The Romulan and Reman Deflector Dishes no longer provide a percentage-based increase, but instead provide a flat numeric increase to Stealth abilities.
      • The Reman Deflector bonus is now +15 on all Blue quality versions, and +30 on the Mk XII Purple.
      • The Romulan Deflector bonus is now +15.
    • The Subterfuge Trait no longer provides a percentage-based increase, but instead provides a large increase to the "Starship Stealth" skill of their captain.
      • +100 / +150 / +200 for ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
    • All ranks of the Subterfuge Trait have gained a Defense bonus.
      • +1.25% / +2.5% / +3.75% for ranks 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
    • The Stealth Bonus and Ambush Bonus from having multiple Bridge Officers with Subterfuge does not stack, but the Defense bonus will.
  • Updated the description for the Subterfuge trait.
    • This is a text change only.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • It is once again possible to select animations for NPCs on Space maps.
  • Added the following “Detail” objects to the Foundry:
    • Bed – TOS Sickbay L 01
    • Bed – TOS Sickbay M 01
    • Bed – TOS 01
    • Chair – TOS 01
    • Chair – TOS Captain's Chair
    • Console – TOS Sickbay
    • Console – TOS Table Console S 01
    • Console – TOS Table Console L 01
    • Console – TOS Table Console L 02
    • Console – TOS Ship Generator
    • Console – TOS Transporter Console
    • Console – TOS Wall Console
    • Console – TOS Bridge 01
    • Console- TOS Console M 01
    • Decor – TOS Pillow
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 01
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 02
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 03
    • Decor – TOS Wall Prop 04
    • Decor – TOS Sickbay Wall Light
    • Table – TOS Conference Table
    • Table – TOS Lounge
    • Table – TOS Captain's Desk
    • TOS Warp Core Housing
    • TOS Warp Core Conduits
    • TOS Warp Core Complete
    • Wall – TOS Closed Gate
    • Wall – TOS Open Gate
    • Wall – TOS Orange Grate
    • Wall – TOS Research Console
    • Wall – Turbolift TOS
    • Weapon – Federation TOS Phaser Rifle
    • Weapon – Federation TOS Phaser Pistol
    • Weapon – Klingon TOS Disruptor Pistol
  • Added a transporter room to the Foundry.
    • It's available on indoor and outdoor maps under the "Details" tab.
  • The icon for Contacts on Cryptic maps will no longer display as three times per contact.

Gateway[edit | edit source]

  • Players in a fleet should be able to get to their fleet’s Holdings page from the Fleet front page.
    • The Holdings page should show the fleet’s current tier progress.
      • Clicking on a tier should give information on that tier.
    • Clicking on a project will show the donation buckets and the progress of each bucket.
    • If a player has donation privileges they should be allowed to contribute just as they would in game.
      • By default, anyone over a recruit should have donation privileges, but this is controlled by Fleet leaders.
    • If a player is allowed to manage fleet holdings, they should be able to see what project is coming up next.
    • Each Holding should have a Provisions page and a Leaderboard page which function much as they do in-game.
  • There are some limitations to managing Fleet Holdings in Gateway.
    • Currently donating Duty Officers and certain other items is disabled.
    • New projects cannot be slotted from Gateway.
    • Successfully contributing to a project incorrectly brings you back to the tier page.
    • The donation slider displays incorrect values for certain items.
    • Players can select project slots that are marked “Not Available”, however they just show blank boxes.

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