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General[edit | edit source]

  • Added new Advanced Fleet melee weapons to the fleet store.
  • Added new Elite Fleet melee weapons to the fleet store.
  • Counselor Duty Officer assignments will now properly show a medical symbol rather than a civilian symbol.
  • Updated the pathing and spawning information for all ground maps.
  • The Devidian Comet in the Night of the Comet mission will now consistently split into fragments.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Flight Deck Officer Duty Officers that reduce cooldowns for Boarding Parties and Hangar Bays now reduce the cooldown by a flat number of seconds per rank, rather than by a percentage.
    • This should resolve some cases where the Duty Officer power did not function at all.
  • Updated Energy Weapons Officers
    • Corrected description error on Beam Special Power cooldown reduction version.
      • Correct cooldown modifications are -2.5/-5.0/-7.5/-10.0 sec.
      • This is a display change only.
    • Changed effect of Subsystem Targeting cooldown reduction version.
      • Descriptions were correctly listing cooldown modifications, but power did not match.
      • Also increased proc chance from 25% to 50% to match other Energy Weapons officers.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • The effects of the 29th Century Stasis Pistol's secondary fire can now be reduced by having a high Willpower skill.
  • Reverse Shield Polarity 3 now applies the correct effect upon receiving incoming damage.
    • Previously it was too low.
  • Elite Fleet Phaser High Density Beam Rifles no longer have a Disruptor icon.
  • Changed the Elite Phaser ground weapon proc to a Shield Heal Over Time instead of an instant Shield Heal.
  • The overall value of the heal will be higher, but it will now occur across 10 seconds rather than all at once.
  • Updated Bridge Officer Abilities:
    • Reduced shared cooldown on Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field and Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers from 15sec to 10sec.
    • Shared cooldown on multiple copies of Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers reduced from 20sec to 10sec.
    • Auxiliary to Emergency Battery moved from Battery cooldown to Auxiliary Power cooldown
      • It now shares a 10sec timer with Auxiliary to Inertial Dampers and Auxiliary to Structural Integrity.
    • Emergency Power to Shields has been added to the cooldown category shared by Extend Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity.
    • The shared cooldown between Directed Energy Modulation and Aceton Field has been removed.
    • The shared cooldown between Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters has been removed.
    • The shared cooldown between Mask Energy Signature, Jam Sensors and Charged Particle Burst has been removed.
      • This also affects Antimatter Spread and Photonic Displacement consoles.
    • Removed Tachyon Beam and Energy Siphon from shared cooldown formerly shared with Tyken's Rift and Gravity Well.
      • The latter two will remain on a shared cooldown.
    • The shared cooldown between Viral Matrix and Scramble Sensors has been removed.
    • The shared cooldown between Photonic Officer and Photonic Shockwave has been removed.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some Cannons to display "ENERGYTYPE Canon Attack" instead of the actual weapon type, such as Plasma, Distruptor, etc.
  • Melee attacks from ranged weapons, like Rifle Butt, now properly have 80% shield penetration.
  • Increased the base speed for Advanced Slipstream Drive.
  • The Galaxy-Class ship summoned by the Fleet Galaxy Reinforcements Operational Asset will now properly use Emission-Seeking Torpedoes.
  • The Prometheus-Class ship summoned by the Fleet Prometheus Reinforcements Operational Asset will now use Multi-Vector Assault Mode earlier in combat.
  • The Bortasqu' War Cruiser Operational Asset will now deploy its Bird-of-Prey earlier in combat.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • The Shooter Tray Overlay (2nd Row) keybind will reset the overlay back to the first row if the second row is currently selected.
  • Shooter Tray Overlay (3rd Row) keybind will reset the overlay back to the first row if the third row is currently selected.

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