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General[edit | edit source]

  • Re-increased the Dilithium mining rewards.
  • Updated the Mirror Qin Raptor Bridge Officer Seating.
    • It incorrectly had an Ensign Tactical seat, which is what the standard, non-mirror Qin Raptor has.
    • It was corrected so it now has an Ensign Engineering seat.
  • The Tal'Kyr small craft can now use the V.S.S. registry Name prefix and the VS registry Number prefix.
  • Freighters can now use the NAR registry Number prefix.
  • Updated the 29th Century Pistol:
    • The Damage Immunity will no longer sometimes last longer than the duration of the associated Stasis Field effect.
    • The effects of the 29th Century Stasis Pistol's secondary fire can now be reduced by having a high Willpower skill.
    • Targets affected by the Stasis Beam will no longer be affected by it while they are already under its affects.
  • Time Travel Duty Officer Assignments:
    • Numeric rewards for all Time Travel assignments have been dramatically increased.
    • Medical Assignment now requires either a Counselor, Nurse or Counselor.
    • Medical Assignment no longer has a success modifier for slotting a Warp Theorist.
    • Medical Assignment second officer slot is now restricted to Medical only, it no longer allows Science department officers to be slotted.
  • The turn rate debuff applied by the Warp Theorist Duty Officers through Tachyon Beam is no longer lasting longer than it ought.

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