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General[edit | edit source]

  • Photonic Shockwave was updated to receive the correct bonus from Particle Generators.
  • The Cleanse portion of Hazard Emitters will now properly work on the Target of the power, instead of always applying to Self.
  • Stealth values provided by ground abilities and items will no longer stack their values with one another.
    • This applies to all of the following items and abilities:
      • Ambush
      • Stealth Module
      • Distortion Field, from Omega 2pc Bonus
      • Jem'Hadar Triggered Shroud, from Jem'Hadar 2pc Bonus
      • Consumable Portable Shroud Generator
        • This device is an exception: It will still boost existing stealth values by +50 even when used in tandem with any of the above, but will not receive its full benefit.
    • This change did not affect Stealth modifiers such as those provided by certain Traits or the Gamma Quadrant Tribble.
  • Lengthened the duration of the mining laser FX to match its animation duration.

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