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General[edit | edit source]

  • Klingon Honor Guard Space Set - 2pc Bonus:
    • Corrected the bonus and associated tooltip for "Crew Regen Rate" to more accurately reflect an understandable figure.
      • This will now display on your character sheet.
    • Added an additional bonus that will slowly bring "Dead" crewmen back to a "Disabled" state, allowing them to be slowly regenerated to "Active" even during combat
      • This was the original intend of the 2pc bonus, but was not functioning correctly.
  • Colony ground event:
    • Adjusted the timing on dying colonists to go hand-in-hand with the fix to the dying colonists not actually dying.
      • It should be somewhat easier to reach the last colonist before it dies.
  • Updated the Starbase 20-player fleet defense:
    • Additional checks to make sure that facility sabotage never goes outside the 0-100 range, and that negative fleet marks are never awarded.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented attackers from warping in to fight freighters.
    • Updated some fighting AI on enemies so that they will correctly attack the freighters but will still move and fight.
  • Bridge Officers will now respond to Call for Help again.
  • Resolved many issues with the tailor.
    • The KHG cape should now appear.
    • Rank pips and combadges have also returned.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue that prevented map transfers from working properly for some missions.
    • This occurred when the associated text for the map transfer widget was left with its default values.
    • This also resolves the associated issue with Unknown Task appearing in the mission tracker.
  • Resolved an issue in Foundry maps that caused objects to be too low with regard to the geometry.
  • Removed the holo-bridges from the Facility 4028 Foundry template map.
  • Removed the TOS Interior and Bridge Foundry template maps.
    • This is a temporary solution until we can get the crash associated with them resolved.

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