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General[edit | edit source]

  • Increased the interact range for KDF Negotiate a Deal vendor S'kaa on Klingon Academy.
  • Players can now get a cadet in the Klingon Academy event.
  • The Fleet Event informational text now includes text about the Tholian missions.
  • Updated the Starbase unlock Fleet Supplies Officers.
    • Added Polaron and Tetryon ground weapons to the ground store.
    • Removed the duplicate listing for the Elite Fleet Disruptor Assault Minigun from the ground store.
    • Corrected the Fleet Plasma Dual Cannons listing in the space store.
    • Added Phaser Cannons and Tetryon Turrets to the space store.
  • Updated the 20-player Fleet Starbase Defense:
    • Resolved an issue that could cause the mission UI not to clean up at the end of the mission.
    • Made sure that the mission doesn't reward negative fleet tokens.
    • Resolved an issue that could cause more than 100% damage to facilities.
    • Ships that defend siege vessels will maneuver now, but will still stay somewhat close to their assigned siege vessels.
  • Increased the number of Account Shared Bank slots to 20 for gold players.
  • Updated the lighting in the Starfleet and Klingon Academy Holodecks.
  • The contents of the Lobi Crystal store have been updated.
    • All of the existing items have been removed.
    • For more information, see this FAQ

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Updated Federation Space NPC group:
    • Improved most Federation NPC ships at later levels.
    • Added new NPCs such as the Odyssey, Armitage, Intrepid, Rhode Island, Prometheus and a few others.
  • Added an Orion Dreadnought to the Orion NPC group, replacing the Vo'Quv.
  • Added a Gorn Dreadnought to the Gorn NPC group.
  • Updated Phaser Procs:
    • Multiple system offline procs to a single subsystem no longer stack.
      • For example, if your Weapons are offline and you get hit with another Weapons offline proc, it is disregarded.
    • After a phaser proc's duration has ended, targets will receive a 10-second immunity to additional phaser procs.
      • During this time, no additional systems can be taken offline by Phasers.
      • Other effects that cause subsystem offline, such as Boarding Parties, can still take effect during this immunity.
  • Added new rarities:
    • Unique: Gold color
    • Ultra-Rare: Ultra-Violet color
    • Existing Unique and Ultra-Rare quality Duty Officers will be updated later to get their new rarity color.
  • Updated small craft and pets:
    • NPC small crafts and Carrier Pets, not Frigate Pets, will now proc less often with their energy weapons.
    • Removed Duplicate Phaser Array from Fed Runabout Carrier Pet.
  • Changed the Quality Color of all Carrier pets.
    • All were increased by one
      • Uncommon/Green became Rare/Blue, Rare/Blue became Very-Rare/Purple, and Very-Rare/Purple became new Fleet-Ultra-Rare/Ultra-Violet.
    • This is just a change in display color, not in actual effectiveness.
    • Energy Credit costs will now return to their previous costs for those carrier pets available for EC.
  • Changed the Quality Color of Devidian Cane, Sword/Shard or Khaless, Shard of Possibilities, some unique tribbles and a couple more items to the new Gold "Unique" color.
    • This is just a change in display color, not in actual effectiveness.
  • Har'peng Torpedoes now show as Very-Rare/Purple quality.
    • This is just a change in display color, not in actual effectiveness.
  • Updated Ground and Space Energy Weapon Procs.
    • Most were improved in effectiveness.
    • Ground and Space Plasma DoT procs and Tetryon Shield Damage procs were significantly increased.
    • Plasma DoT procs can now be improved with skill.
    • Space Polaron now Debuffs subsystem power for 5 seconds.
    • Ground Polaron proc duration was doubled.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Formatting tags will no longer appear in the drop down menu when reporting "Mission" bugs.
  • The map selector in the PvP challenge window should no longer autoclose.
  • Resolved several crashes that occurred when updating the Fleet Holdings window.
  • Disabled discarding from the account bank.

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