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General[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the Dilithium store:
    • Added the Cardassian Spiral Wave Disruptor to Special Items.
      • This item is only purchaseable by someone who owns a Galor.
    • Added the EV suits to Special Items and also to the Armor category under Ground Equipment.
  • The Photonic Bridge Officer is now contained within a Requisition Pack when purchased, and can therefore be traded until unpacked.
  • The STF store has been updated to sell Split Beam Antiproton weapons in the rifle category at Mk XI and XII.
  • T'Pren on Memory Alpha can now remove any excess inventory that a player may have by dropping and re-adding the mission to acquire multiple non-discardable tutorial samples.
  • The entry to the Orias system is now only usable by Fed players on the mission "The New Link."
  • There is now an Info option when right-clicking on items in the Account Bank.
  • Removed the Discard option from item right-click menu when the item is in a guild bank.
  • The Armitage has been updated so that aft weapons now properly fire correctly when the Oslo struts are used.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new Federation-only duty officer assignment chain "Caitian Diaspora".
    • It rewards a purple Caitian Flight Deck Officer with a new active roster power.
    • It also provides access to a repeatable assignment for additional flight deck officers and a repeatable assignment for higher-Mark melee weapons.
  • Added a new KDF-only duty officer assignment chain "Unforgiven of Ferasa".
    • It rewards a purple Ferasan Flight Deck Officer with a new active roster power.
    • It also provides access to a repeatable assignment for additional flight deck officers and a repeatable assignment for higher-Mark melee weapons.
  • Updated description text on original Flight Deck duty officer active roster power that suggested the reduction in cooldown for Boarding Parties and carrier relaunches was only a chance.
    • This is only a text change.
  • Your Ferasan Duty Officers have all been to the groomers and they've all had their portraits re-taken to show off their new tattoos, jewelry, and fur colors.
  • Added active roster power to Research Lab Scientists.
    • Reflective Particles has a chance to cause a Jam Sensors effect on anyone affected by your Charged Particle Burst.
  • Added Flight Deck Officers to Commendation Vendors for Starfleet players.
    • They can be found under the Military commendation category.
    • In an attempt to balance this new offering, KDF vendors have gained a few new commendation options in their Military category as well.
  • Resolved issue with magnitudes on the Nurse version of Shipboard Triage.
  • Industrial Energy Cell trade assignments now reward the correct, higher, number of commodities.
  • Updated text reference in Asylum on Andoria assignment to spell the name of the planet correctly.
  • Updated text reference in Attend Banking Conference on Bolarus to spell the name of the planet correctly.
  • Added a new KDF Prisoner assignment from KDF Security Officer contact on Qo'noS.
  • Added a new Holodeck Performance of Hamlet from your ship interior Operations officer.
    • A critical success on the non-repeatable version of this will result in a handcrafted purple Photonic duty officer.
    • Yes, the KDF one is in the original Klingon.
  • Removed Decipher assignment from Children's Toy assignment sequence.
    • This means once you get the Strange Artifact - however you get it - you simply go to your Science Officer on your ship interior to infuse it.
    • Added more explanatory text to Strange Artifact and Powered Alien Artifact items.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Increased the stack size on all DS9 Device Consumables from 20 to 50.
  • Resolved a typo in the Aegis set’s Reactive Shielding.
  • Resolved typos in the Borg Arm description.
  • All Mk IX Tricobalt Torpedoes will now display the correct rarity and color overlay for their quality.
  • Resolved a typo in Thoron Pulse and Jam Sensors tooltip and description.
  • Updated damage on Fek'ihri S'Kul Fighters ramming power for both NPC and player deployable versions.
    • Only the warp core breach power was affecting the target.
    • The damage float shown was actually the fighters own HP as it dies.
    • This has all been resolved, and the Fek'ihri S'Kul Fighters will do much more damage now on impact.
  • All STF Ground 2-Piece Active Powers now share a 20-second Cooldown Category.
    • Activating any of the following will place all others from this list into a 20-second cooldown:
      • Distortion Field (OMEGA)
      • Adrenal Booster (KHG)
      • Emergency Shield Capacitor (MACO)
  • The IDIC Tribble can now be used by Klingon Engineering Bridge Officers.
  • Corrected set descriptions for the Omega Force set.
    • "The Cure" - Space
      • All assimilated Klingon ships have been brought in-line with other STF Borg critters
      • Reduced innate damage bonuses of Negh'var and Raptors.
      • Removed Negh'Var's ability to Critically Hit.
      • Reduced hit points of Raptors.
  • Updated the Bridge Officer Medical Tricorder ability.
    • Ranks 2-8 were healing less than Rank 1.
    • This affects only the Bridge Offcier version of Medical Tricorder, not the player version.
  • Updated the descriptions on "Directed Energy Distribution Manifold" and "Pre-Fire Chamber" tactical consoles to accurately reflect their true bonuses.
    • Previous description for both read "+xx% Energy Damage"
    • New descriptions will read "+xx% Beam Weapon Damage" and "+xx% Cannon Weapon Damage"
    • NOTE: This is a display change only - the effects of these consoles already functioned in this manner.
  • Players are now able to discard the "Anti-Borg Unstable Matrix" if they so choose.

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